Check Out Sexy Pics of Halo's Cortana Before the Model Dies of Paint Asphixiation

By Rob Bricken in Nerdery, Video Games
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 10:19 am

Far be it from me to not post on this nerd costumed girl, which has set internet heart aflame and unbuttoned pants over the past 24 hours. The girl is a model named Francesca, who was hired by to have the hell airbrushed out of her, transforming her into Cortana, the sexy hologram who helps Master Chief commit his acts of alien genocide in Halo. There are more pics here, which might be NS4W, if you work has a problem with nipple-less blue women.

Incidentally, if you're one of the many, many people who looked at this pic and said, "Hey! Cortana's a hologram! She's can't hold a gun!" please punch yourself in the junk. Thanks!

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