The 10 Greatest Play-Doh Sets of All Time

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Toys
Friday, November 7, 2008 at 5:02 am

starwars.jpgBy Brian Heiler

Play-Doh. There might not be a toyline that has given more joy to children than the ubiquitous, brightly colored modeling clay from Kenner (who were later killed and eaten by Hasbro). There also might not be a toy that more children ate so regularly, so thank goodness Play-Doh is non-toxic. For over 30 years, the fine folks behind Play-Doh have created a bevy of new playsets to keep this classic toy from drying out and getting hard and crumbly—and Topless Robot celebrates the 10 greatest.

10) Animal Farm
Kenner bravely chose to adapt George Orwell’s powerful allegory about power and corruption into a Play-Doh playset; certainly, the all-too-human fallibilities of the animal shine through when they're made out of colored dough. One wonders if there was any plans for a Watership Down set—all you'd need is gray and brown for the bunnies, then red. Plenty of red.

9) The Bionic Man
One of the earliest licensed Play-Doh sets, it also made a lot of sense. You could pretend to take the mangled body of Steve Austin and rebuild him to be better, stronger and faster. Just don’t leave him out too long or he’ll dry up and crumble, which could seriously compromise his abilities as a secret agent.

8) Doctor Drill 'n Fill
The boy's sadistic equivalent of the make-up head for girls; this wonderful set can fascinate evil children for hours. Sure the kids might start out by removing plaque and filling cavities, but eventually, they all start reenacting scenes from Marathon Man.

7) Star Wars
It’s a pretty thin premise, but you get an X-wing and a play mat that looks like a cartoon-Death Star, so make a blue Luke and sit his ass down and get ready to blow some clay up. You can also right a big wrong and make Chewbacca a medal if you want, as you have lots of yellow. Or, like these particularly dense children, you can made five Darth Vaders, and just have them stand there, wondering why they're green and orange.

6) Ice Cream Shop
Like all Play-Doh food related concepts, the Ice Cream Shop is a mildly interesting time waster with appeal to both genders. However, appeal in this playset increases ten-fold if you factor in a younger sibling or gullible neighbor that you can con into eating your simulated treats. Remember, Play-Doh is non-toxic, so you can trick them into eating the whole can!

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