Stupidest Lack of Tech in Sci-Fi: The Winner Is...

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous, Tech
Monday, December 22, 2008 at 3:04 pm
WorfWill.jpgThis one was supposed to be hard. Instead, you all knocked it out of the park. I'm a bit pressed for time, so I honestly can't pick out my favorites, if only because so, so many entries were superb. I'm not sure I'll ever watch Star Wars again without wondering how people there wipe their ass, and all the piling on Trek was wonderful and much deserved. Still, there must be a winner, and I agree with the people: Strangeman.
I'd have to say it's the near total lack of seatbelts in the entirety of the Star Trek Universe. At least every episode there's a battle scene where everyone gets thrown from their chairs, sometimes to their own deaths. So every time there's a red alert, everyone has to go to their battle stations. What these stations don't include, however, are seatbelts. So here you are, a human pinball in front of a hard, unforgiving computer terminal that for whatever reason is powered by dynamite that'll explode at the smallest impact, and you have no safety aparatus whatsoever. Why? Would it have cost too much to install them? You could go to the replicator and make your own, but then Worf or someone would come by and throw you in the brig for violating ship rules.

And what about Worf? He doesn't even get a chair. There he is, at the back of the proverbial bus, and there's no chair. So he's on his feet pretty much 24/7 staring at the back of Picard's chrome dome, while there's a tireless android up front, sitting in a chair. Is it because he black/Kligon? I think so. I could just imagine someone like Wesley Crusher trying to pitch the idea of seatbelts to the Captain, and being shot down.

Wesley: "Think of all the lives they'd save!"
Picard: "Ridiculous! How would we ever get out?" Picard would reply.
Wesley: "Well, they have buckles on them that... unbuckle."
Picard: "Wesley, just because I'm trying to nail your mother doesn't mean I'm going to put up with your shit."
Mr.Belvedere: "Oh Wesley." *laugh track*
As other commenters noted, it's kind of the perfect lack of bland, omnipresent current-day tech that Trek should have figured out something much better for. Add in the TNG's cree casual racism, and I'm sold. Strangeman gets the last TR shirt of '08, but don't the rest of you worry, because the TR contect will be back on January 9th. Feel free to keep loading TR with comments like you did this weekend, because that was kind of awesome.

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