Captain Kirk's 8 Most Impressive Love Conquests

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, TV
Monday, March 2, 2009 at 5:04 am
By Kevin J. Guhl

For three glorious seasons, Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk boldly seduced and explored women no Earth-man had been with before. Well, okay, some of them were from Earth, but Starfleet's greatest discovery was that no women anywhere in the cosmos could resist the intense gaze and oft-exposed, tanned pecs of the Enterprise's head honcho. Who can blame them, really? Of the many, many seduction committed by James T. Kirk, here are the 8 most impressive (not most exotic, which would totally include the green Orion Slave Girl, but this doesn't, because Kirk had no problems getting under her Orion's belt), which deserve to be recorded in the Captain's Log for all eternity.

8) Ruth from "Shore Leave"
It didn't matter if Ruth was a tangible fantasy, pulled from Kirk's brain and based on an old flame from his Starfleet Academy days. She wanted him bad, and Kirk was happy to remain on vacation for a few extra days to spend some quality time with his new imaginary friend. Who cares about exploring new solar systems when you can explore the stars in a hot blonde's eyes?

7) Rayna Kapec from "Requiem for Methuselah"
Rayna was an android created by the immortal Flint, who saw her natural attraction to Captain Kirk as the path to becoming a convincing emotional being. Unfortunately, Flint realized he wanted her for himself, and the resulting confusion over whether to love her creator or the beefy-hot James T. Kirk was too much for Rayna's android-brain; it short-circuited, KABLOOEY! But still, it proved Kirk could even woo the pants off robots. Watch out, Data!

6) Shahna from "The Gamesters of Triskelion"
Kirk was captured by yet another alien threat who forced humans to compete in gladiatorial combat for their own alien amusement, and the butt-kicking, green-haired dominatrix Shahna was tasked with teaching him how to fight. Of course, she fell in love with him, which didn't help matters when the two were forced to battle. Kirk made her submit in more ways than one, then blew her off when she wanted to come with him on the Enterprise. Damn straight; that's the way you do it. Playa don't need that kind of commitment. This was notably another instance where an exotic female unfamiliar with "this strange concept you call love" was drawn to Kirk and schooled by him. Perhaps a few of the Star Trek writers were living vicariously, hmm?

5) Kelinda from "By Any Other Name"

Kelinda wasn't even humanoid. She was an alien scout who took on the form of an exotic human female and was new to the world of emotions. She quickly figured out what Kirk was doing when he started hitting on her, but also realized she quite liked it. Boo-yah! Kelinda even kinkily discovered that apologies were a major turn on for her, after Kirk admitted he was sorry for punching her out earlier in the episode (long story). She and a male representative of her race then decided to remain human and go apologize to each other a lot, thank to James T. Kirk, Intergalactic Love Counselor.
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