This One's for the Ladies

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Nerdery
Monday, March 2, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Specifically, it's for the weird, anime-loving ladies who would like to see Japan's most kid-friendly characters re-imagined as scantily-clad men with incredibly taut stomachs. You're looking at Doraimon, Astro Kid and Pikachoo, shockingly-not-approved cosplay done by some guy for some reason, and I'm posting it because the guys have had plenty of posts like this (MEN, HIT THAT LINK IMMEDIATELY TO ESCAPE THE NIGHTMARE) and you were certainly owed. Admittedly, you'd probably prefer Batman or Destro in various states of undress, this is the best I've found while not looking too hard. We all have to make do. (Via Danny Choo)
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