There's Going to Be a Dragonball Movie Sequel

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Movies
Friday, April 3, 2009 at 11:15 am
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You've probably heard the news that Fox is already hard at work whipping some remedial second grade English class into writing the script for a Dragonball movie sequel, so let me clarify -- Fox isn't just "working" on a sequel, there's going to be one. No, nothing's announced. But now that reports have surfaced that the budget for the movie was only $45 million -- I feel safe in saying that there's a 100% of more Dragonball movies being made.

Let me clarify some more. The reported budget for the Dragonball movie was $100 million -- a lot, but small change compared to most potential summer blockbusters. Despite the fact that the report of DB's new budget comes from Chile, I think anyone who has seen a clip of the flick will admit that there's no way $100 million was spent on the film, even if the entire cast and crew were getting serviced by solid-gold prostitutes after every take.

The point is that if Dragonball's budget was only $45 mil, it's already made a profit. The film has grossed more than $50 mil in Asia, despite the fact that everyone there hates it. No one in America could see it, and the movie still be a success for Fox, even if not as large a success as they hoped.

Now here's the interesting part: theoretically, another Dragonball movie might be good. Chances are they'd move to DBZ material, which has been far more successful and has a bigger international fanbase than DB. Plus, the "writer" of the first movie was some hack with virtually no experience, who was hired as a scab during the writer's strike. There's a decent possibility of Fox hiring a real writer for any future installments, meaning that future DB movie scripts wouldn't be the stupidest things ever. Possibly.

So really, the interesting thing is I'm a moron for even daring to hope about a Dragonball movie that isn't utter shit. And now I've depressed myself. Let's move on. (Via DBtheMovie)
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