The 10 Least Necessary Doctor Who Figures

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, TV, Toys
Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 5:00 am

5) Ancient Doctor
Any version of any Doctor is usually a great addition to any wave... unless he's a silly CGI Doctor that looks more at home in a Harry Potter film than Doctor Who. Plus anything that reminds you of the terrible ending to Season 3 should be set on fire.

4) Gelth Zombie
While "The Quiet Dead" was an interesting piece that set up the backstory of the time war (and the Doctor's love for Charles Dickens), an action figure of a reanimated corpse of an elderly woman is still just an ugly action figure of an old lady. I guess if you wanted to, you could create a grocery checkout line playset, with a very angry Doctor waiting for the woman to find her coupons in her enormous purse.

3) Toby Zed (Unprocessed Version)
When originally released in his possessed form -- with red eyes and covered in ancient script -- one could see why the evil Zed was thought to be an interesting figure. This variation however, is merely an action figure of a 20-something virgin. If we wanted that, there are plenty of Napoleon Dynamite figures in the clearance bin, thank you.

2) Astrid Peth
Another bit of star fucking sadly, Astrid (an anagram of Tardis) was a one-off companion in the somewhat uneven "Voyage of the Damned" special who perished when she bravely fought off perhaps the series goofiest villain ever, Max Capricom, who luckily didn't get an action figure. The big draw of this figure is that it's of actress pop sensation Kylie Minogue. I guess the toy makers hoped for some big crossover with fans of the first (and sadly best) live action Street Fighter film. [Ed's note: Kylie Minogue is awesome. End of discussion.]

1) Destroyed Cassandra
Lady Cassandra O'Brien was an animated flap of skin that terrorized the 9th Doctor in "End of the World" and somehow lived to haunt the 10th Doctor in "New Earth." Seeing as the character is basically a towel hanging on a fancy rack to begin with, she wasn't much of an offering the first time, let alone when Character Options re-released her empty towel rack as "Destroyed Cassandra" a year later. It's one step up from releasing "Invisible Doctor" and selling an empty package -- although at least that would be of a main character.

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