The 14 Most Amusing Porno Parodies of Nerdy Subjects

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Movies
Friday, June 19, 2009 at 8:06 am
Whore of the Rings.jpg

By Kevin J. Guhl


Some of you might be clinging onto the notion that Topless Robot has a shred of good taste left. Well, today's list should put that notion to rest, as we explore the wonderful world of porno parodies. For just about any popular movie or TV series you can think of, someone else has already thought of  a dirty version of its name and spent a sweaty L.A. afternoon filming a low budget sex romp that might have a fleeting similarity to the source being parodied, if you're lucky. Nevertheless, let us today salute the ability of the porn industry to create parodies that make us chuckle and snort. Ah, the porn world's thorough grasp of juvenile humor is second to none. Here are the most "clever" porn parodies of belovedly nerdy shows and movies in a shocking safe for work list in the sense there are no pictures of nipples, and only a few drawings of nipples, and no videos whatsoever. Unless, of course, your work frowns on you looking as censored porn movie covers while on the clock.

14) Twin Cheeks

Twin Cheeks.jpg

Tagline: The residents of Twin Cheeks would like to invite you to spend the weekend... but they're in jail.

Perhaps they're all in jail for killing Laura Palmer? Or having sex with? It's both, isn't it? Sigh. 


13) Sexbusters


Tagline: I ain't afraid of no ho!

Sadly, this spoof doesn't involve any sexual shenanigans with sexy spirits, but it does feature a team of fine ladies who are the ones you wanna call when a sex-starved wife needs her flaccid husband turned back to the "on" position.


12) Quantum Deep

Quantum Deep.jpg

Tagline: Take an erotic trip through time.

Screw putting right what once went wrong -- we wanna see people in every possible historic and future time period having hot sex. How this wasn't an on-going series is beyond us.


11) Sex World

Sex World.jpg

Tagline: Is definitely for adults! (duh?)

This porn parody classic is of Westworld, in case you kids don't get the reference. Admittedly, the fantasy resort of the porn lacks an animatronic Yul Brynner cowboy that goes haywire and tries to kill the guests; in his place, there is a computer that fucks people. Admittedly, it does sound like a better way to spend a vacation.


10) Buffy the Vampire Layer


Tagline: Kristi Myst Goes Down for the Count

Judging by the title, this is pretty much the same as the Buffy TV series, only with more titties! Instead of Angel, though, Buffy bonks Count Hymie "The Impaler" Draculwitz. Guess who gets "staked" first.


9) Whore of the Rings

Whore of the Rings.jpg

Tagline: An all anal epic!

You have to give them credit for not opting for "Lord of the Cockring." But somehow, a crystal skull got in there. Where? You don't wanna know.


8) This Ain't Star Trek XXX

This Ain't Star Trek.jpg

Tagline: They boldly go there.

There's plenty of Star Trek porn (and no, we're not including T'Pol's steamy scenes on Enterprise or Picard's butt in TNG), but Hustler's parody had a big enough budget to create convincing costumes and sets. And it all does a good job of presenting what we all suspected went on between scenes in classic Trek. What else would you expect of a bunch of people cooped up in a starship where hot female ensigns parade around in mini-skirts? Not the most clever title, though.From Twin 

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