This Bumblebee Could Hold His Bladder Around John Turturro

By Rob Bricken in Nerdery, Toys
Monday, June 22, 2009 at 10:43 am
You're looking at an 18-foot-tall, 1200-lbs. statue of Bumblebee -- regular, classic '80s Bumblebee, obviously -- made out of an honest-to-Krom Volkswagon Beetle by a dude named Tom Rhodes who lives in Lemoore, California. He is awesome.

Now, some of you might think this is proof positive that the classic cartoon Transformers designs would look dumb in a live-action movie, but c'mon -- this was made by a dude. In his yard. Somehow I think if Rhodes had $200 million and team of a thousand working for him, I imagine it would probably look damn pretty good, and hell, at least I would know where Bumblebee's face is. Besides, apparently Rhodes' next project involves some kind of semi-truck... Check out more pics over at Daily Stab. (Via Geekologie)
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