WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS II: What You Call the Best of the Best

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Friday, September 18, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Don't turn around, Mai! No matter what Listy tells you!
Listy responcemaybunny.jpg

Marvel Man is still confused. How does Jango Fett fit into all this again?
Marvel Man 1b2071e6.jpg

Marvel Man also asked Deadpool to chaperone, but he was busy setting fire to Fox.
Marvel Man 7faaffe9.jpg

Mike Moody is least merry man you've ever met.
Mike Moody worf_merry_man_whose.jpg

Nameless was only trying to bring some Daleks to that Twilight corn maze.
Nameless - tardis.jpg

When I saw this picture from Okami Hime, I threw up in disgust.
Okami Hime whosresponsiblethis.jpg

Onanrulz discovered someone who'd like to dispute BHB21's claims.
Onanrulz shakespeare.jpg

Ryan B is merely jealous of Dolph's glistening chest.
Ryan B--HeMan.jpg

Spazweez has a significant prairie dog problem, too.
Spazweez - Indy_WRT.jpg

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