The 10 Best Commercials Featuring Monsters

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Miscellaneous
Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 8:01 am
By Brian Heiler

Even though movie monsters start out trying to be the stuff of our nightmares, we as a people desensitize easily and somehow grow affection for these so called creatures of the night and eventually treat them as pop culture icons, much like pro athletes. So it should come as no surprise that exactly like pro athletes, they're often seen on TV shilling everything they can, especially around October. Here are the 10 best examples of monsters not being scary, but still paying their bills.

10) King Kong for Audi

This is actually the second car commercial to feature the giant ape; in this one Kong can't decide which he likes better the gorgeous blonde or the new Audi. In the end, he chooses the car, which is probably wise considering that it will never end up hurting him. The commercial loses points for using a man in an ape suit instead of animation, however.

9) Dracula for Texas Instruments

"Imagine the Prince of Darkness with a solar calculator" is the tag line in this one and it begs the question -- doesn't the Prince of Darkness normally mean Satan? Would Satan or Dracula be more offended by the confusion? And why would either of them need a solar calculator? This isn't a particularly good commercial, but the sight of Dracula waxing on about his new calculator is kind of entertaining in its own strange way. Also, the actor is doing that typical "blah blah" type performance that likely would have made Bela Lugosi violently angry.

8) Godzilla for Fatherhood

Sure, Godzilla is a city-wrecking monster who has made many a child an orphan, but did you know he's also a good father? These were a series of clever ads from the national fatherhood initiative which also included characters like Tarzan. This piece shows Godzilla hanging with his poppinfresh-like offspring Minya while the gentle voice of Magnum P.I. says some common sense things that make you sad that they need to be reiterated by a commercial in the first place.

7) Frankenstein's Monster for Bic Pens

In a scene inspired directly from the universal classic Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster finds himself trapped in a block of ice. However, this time he hacks his way out of with his Bic pen, which is still working by the time he's done. This raises the question of what's the greater achievement, a man built from corpses or a Bic pen being sturdy.

6) Various Monsters for Heineken

This European ad for Heineken has the makings of a great horror movie. It's well-made, it's got a sense of humor and a great ending. It also teaches us a valuable lesson -- there is no such thing in this world as a free beer. Either you're going to be asked to help someone move or get decapitated and eaten.
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