The 10 Best Commercials Featuring Monsters

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Miscellaneous
Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 8:01 am
5) Frankenstein's Monster for Orange Shasta

This fun little nod to the classic Frankenstein has nice production value and subtle humor. The narration is by Tom ("Mr. C" on Happy Days) Bosley, and Star Trek nerds might recognize "Red Jack" as the cashier, so if you squint, there are two monsters in this ad. Everyone knows however that the Frankenstein monster is more into grocery store Dr. Pepper knock offs than anything else.

4) Elvira and Pals for Coors Light

Coors Light seems like an odd choice for the official beer of Sam Hain. Guinness seems more logical, seeing as it's from Ireland, looks like bog water and nobody knows what it really is. It doesn't matter, however, because Elvira is involved and it's hard not to like anything she's involved with especially in October.

3) King Kong for VW

Volkswagen decided they needed a big spokesperson for their new larger cars in the early 1970s, so they tapped the eighth wonder of the world, King Kong. Unlike the 1970s remake of the film, this Kong wasn't a man in a suit but a stop-motion creation of the late Dave Allen (MST3K fans, take note -- Allen also made the turtle aliens in Laserblast). In the digital age it doesn't seem like much, but this commercial was really an amazing bit of work back then.

2) Universal Monsters for Pepsi

Pepsi licensed the actual Universal Monsters for this prize promotion in the 1990s, and a great series of commercials followed featuring the classic monsters. Most companies would have been content with just knocking the characters off, so it's a real bonus. Also it filled your average convenience store with monster displays you wanted to steal when the clerk wasn't looking.

1) Godzilla for Nike

It's Sir Charles vs. Gojira! The always outspoken power forward took on Japan's greatest monster in this terrific ad campaign for Nike. Despite the fact that Godzilla dons goggles, loses to Barkley and the ad is less than a minute, it's still a better movie than the U.S. remake of Godzilla we're all still trying to forget. Godzilla and Barkley became fast friends off the set as they both share a compulsive addiction to gambling.
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