The 11 Most Egregious Types of Anime Fan Service

By Joel Nelson in Anime, Daily Lists
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 8:08 am

2) When Sexy Becomes Nightmarishly Horrible
Case Study: Eiken

Eiken is an enigma in this whole "fan-service" subculture. Some believe that it's one elaborate joke about modern anime's obsession with huge-breasted women. Others maintain that Eiken is far from satire, and that the people behind it really do find it sexy when a woman has breasts the size of wrecking balls and is in constant pain for that very reason.
Technically, the hour-long Eiken anime isn't porn. There is no actual sex, and no nipples are even shown. There's just a parade of enormously endowed women eating bananas, shrieking down chocolate-laced waterslides, flopping around in swimming pools, knocking themselves unconscious with their own boobs, and wincing in agony from it all. No, this isn't porn. Porn is at least honest with itself. Eiken is something much worse. Something we don't even want to describe in too much detail.
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