The 11 Most Egregious Types of Anime Fan Service

By Joel Nelson in Anime, Daily Lists
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 8:08 am

10) Humiliation Shows Character, Breasts
Case Study: Code Geass

Code Geass
really tries to set itself apart from other robot-filled dramas made in the studios of Sunrise. For starters, the main character isn't much of a hero. He's Lelouch, a ruthless, egotistical teenager gifted with godlike powers, not unlike the star of Death Note. In the alternate reality envisioned by Code Geass, a massive British-American empire invades poor innocent Japan, and only the manipulative Lelouch and his mind-controlling abilities can free the country (for completely selfish reasons, that is). Code Geass also gives the role of lead robot pilot, normally reserved for a male character in Sunrise shows, to Kallen, a young woman in a Japanese resistance cell.
Yet Code Geass also wants to sell itself to anime fans, so any promising ideas are immediately dragged through a swamp of bad melodrama, nationalistic horseshit, and sexist degradation. Lelouch is a rarely brilliant teenager who bamboozles dim-witted adults at every turn. Alternate-world Japan is a blameless victim of racist Western colonialism. And Kallen, a hardened revolutionary and a skilled mecha jockey, constantly loses her clothes and gets embarrassed about it. It's the last of these that's the most unpleasant, as the anime industry often labors under the belief that women are, in fact, sexy when they're humiiated and blushing and so very, very ashamed of their exposed femininity.

Was Code Geass a huge hit in Japan? Yes. Yes, it was.
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