The 11 Most Egregious Types of Anime Fan Service

By Joel Nelson in Anime, Daily Lists
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 8:08 am

3) When Sexy Becomes Ugly
Case Study: Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture was never supposed to be serious. It was supposed to be a stupidly over-the-top adaptation of SNK's plot-free fighting games. It was also supposed to be richly animated and visually appealing, since SNK put a bunch of money into it. Unfortunately, SNK also gave the project to director Masami Obari, who loves to mix gripping, fluidly drawn fight scenes with some of the most hideous artwork in anime.

Obari's greasy, pointy-nosed characters ruin the movie's attempts at looking good in its fight scenes, its dramatic scenes, and any scene that involves this twisted concept of what people should look like. Of course, it also sends the film's sex appeal into a freakish forbidden zone. Much of the focus is on Mai Shiranui, the vivacious ninja girl who symbolizes SNK's idea of fan service. Here's a comparison between an official illustration of Mai and a shot of her in the movie.
Mai does little in the film beyond getting kidnapped, but that's beside the point. And the point is this: there's nothing wrong with a stupid martial-arts movie full of half-naked men and women waging fiery combat. When you add freakish, bug-eyed, slime-skinned, spiky-faced mockeries of the human form, a problem arises.
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