The Reavers Have Made a Firefly/Captain Mal Figure

By Rob Bricken in TV, Toys
Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 10:33 am
Oh, my bad. That's a Tonner doll. I just looked at the figure briefly and assumed it was the kind of toys a race of insane space-faring cannibals might construct in their free time when they're not eating people. You know, I don't give Tonner enough credit; they grab a lot of licenses other toy companies have (although Firefly isn't one of those, oddly), but only Tonner has the guts to sculpt heads that look absolutely nothing like their intended characters and actors. Most toy companies would take the chicken-shit way out and say, "You know, maybe we should make this Captain Mal figure look somewhat vaguely like Nathan Fillion. Even just a little. Maybe around the eyes." But not Tonner! God knows how many sculpts that were vaguely reminiscent of Fillion that had to go through before finally settling on this one, which resembles the actor in absolutely no way whatsoever; no wonder this thing costs $150+. You have balls, Tonner. Not a lick of sense, but you do have balls.

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