Tweets from the Death Star: And the Winners Are...

By Rob Bricken in Movies, Nerdery
Monday, June 21, 2010 at 5:01 pm
Scooter Atreides said:
YouveGotBail: @MamaMothma DS just entered our orbit. Right, like old Emperor P-Funk's got the onions to whack an unarmed planet!:D
MamaMothma: @YouveGotBail LOL I almost hope he does--Shit, you can't buy that kinda publicity! We'd have more new recruits than Jabba the Hutt has sex robots!;)
YouveGotBail: @MamaMothma Ha Ha, You su
Snatch1414 said:
@Trooper8761 Dude, don't say anything but I'm in the ship that just came in and I need clothes..... now. Don't ask just help me.
Sci-Fi Gene said:
GMTarkin: remember Tuesday is Bring Your Child To Work Day! DV inviting his son too...
Pnutmaster said:
JesseMXGangl said:
CellBlock3A25: Bumped into interrogation droid--accidental needle stick. Droid just finished w/ Twi'lek prostitute in D17. Off to infirmary. #FML

Trooper3446: @Trooper6101 DV's been in the bathroom for like 20 min. now. You think he's still got bits down there or does it all go in a sack?
FictionAddiction said:
GruntTrooper: Great. Guess who gets to clean fried Porkins off the North Tower causeway?
Chris Blake said:
Darth: hey @luke I can't DM you if you don't follow me back
Odemit said:
SpacePlumbr13: Working 12 hour shifts now. I thought 10 hours was bad! Fuck Tarkin. Can't wait to transfer to new project at Endor
ManaByte said:
Biggs_Red3: @Luke_Red5 at that speed are you sure you'll be able to pull out in time?
Luke_Red5: @Biggs_Red4 It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home.
Biggs_Red3: @Luke_Red5 Uh, dude. No one was supposed to know about that. We were pretty wasted.
AceMcCloud said:
HanSolo: @Lando, then I was like "where all fine here now" then I shot the console, epic
viznix said:
Clone6693: Walked past the prisoners cell. WTF is up with her hair. I don't know whether to give her a brush or take a bite out of those cinnabuns.
Ominouri said:
Former_Republic_Clone: To think, a few years ago, I was trying to stop this place from ever being built. Now thanks to this place, I have dental. Life's funny

Emperor_Palpatine: I like to think of this place as Satan's bowling ball
Freshenstein said:
SpamBot5367: Increase the size of your lightsaber now! for more info!
13rian said:
501STud: Patrolled D-Bay9 today. Saw HUGE chunk text float by outside. Need to lay off the death sticks.
Slightly Illegal said:
clone2344: RT @clone5476 RT @clone3265 RT @clone1475 RT @clone6214 RT @clone0987 RT @clone6265 RT @clone2265: @boba Happy Birthday Bro!!
amarygma said:
Clone8735: Hey, did you realize that the DS looks like a big floating boob?
Clone4523: @Clone8735 Closest you'll ever come to one.
Vic20guy said:
EmpororSid: Fine, I didnt need that deathstar anyway. I'm gonna build an even bigger one with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the deathstar!

Okay, time for the winners. Here's the point that I normally list some lengthy and not entirely arbitrary reasons for why I selected certain people over others. This time... not so much. For whatever reason, these tweets just made me laugh the hardest. So without further ado...

DCD said:
CUVader: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" wut? LOL ur dead d00d. #shitmymastersays
SixShooter said:
DeathStarSuperLaserTech: All I have to do is pull this lever, and millions of voices will cry out in anguish, then be suddenly silenced. #tenfootboner
RobRobot said:
DeathStarPR: Don't think of us as a "Death" Star, think of us as an "Opportunity" Star. #deathstarcares
DeathStarPR: Anyone remember the Jedi Council? "You can't love ppl!" "Believe what we believe!" "Midichlorians!" Total douchefest LOL! -Palpatine.
DeathStarPR: If they're really a Rebel "Alliance", then why aren't they on our side? #thinkaboutit
DeathStarPR: Here on the Death Star we employ 1,179,293 people with hopes, dreams & families. I guess you could call us the "Life" Star. #deathstarcares
The Life Star indeed. Thanks as always to everyone who entered, as well as all the folks who twittered this contest.

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