10 Exceedingly Patriotic American Comic Heroes

By Ethan Kaye in Comics, Daily Lists
Friday, July 2, 2010 at 8:00 am
5) Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy
Another great legacy hero! The first Star-Spangled Kid from WWII was really just a kid, with an adult sidekick. Sending kids to fight Nazis was standard operating procedure for America back in those days. He ended up joining Infinity, Inc. and kicking the bucket. But his sidekick Stripesy survived, and reluctantly passed his equipment to Courtney Whitmore, his own stepdaughter. She's part of the JSA too, as the fan-favorite hero Stargirl.

4) Fighting Yank
fighting yank 18-1.jpg
Golden Age means public domain! Fighting Yank originally appeared in 1941, which means that any writer who wants to can use him in their books. He's appeared in Alan Moore's Tom Strong comics and the current Project Superheroes. The best part about Fighting Yank? He's haunted by the Spirit of America, a ghost from the American Revolution who gets on him when he's not being useful enough. Basically, he's haunted by the spirit of my dad.

3) Iron Patriot/American Son
I'm lumping them in together, since there's just enough evil and just enough good in both to make sort of one whole good person and one whole bad person. Norman Osborn thought he was doing good for America while being a scuzzbag, while American Son (a product of Norman's sick mind) is off smashing stuff in his own limited series. I guess that in Norman's way of thinking, if you're working for the American government, you need to paint your stuff like a flag. But hey, he was doing it all for his country.

2) American Maid
Crime fighting and house cleaners go together like boats and hos. Armed with a tiara and stiletto heels that she uses as projectiles, American Maid cleans up The City in the pages of The Tick and on the TV show of the same name. In an entire world of incompetent superheroes (including the Tick), American Maid is the only competent hero out there. It's why she got included in the live-action version of The Tick, except they called her Captain Liberty, which is much less cool than making her an angry maid.

1) Captain America
He's...like, a part of the U.S.A. at this point. Our Olympic athletes could walk out with a banner showing nothing but his face and every country would be like, "Oh, that's America. Cool." Like many other Golden Age heroes, he started out fighting Nazis in the '40s then moved on to fighting aliens in the '80s, and now fights Nazis again because they didn't get them all the first time. He's great at what he does, though, and now you have two of them to read about.

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