Fan Fiction Friday: Link and Zelda in "Zelda Swallowed by a Snake"

By Rob Bricken in Nerdery, Video Games
Friday, August 20, 2010 at 2:07 pm
My orgasms continued to hit my body and soul as the swallowing muscles moved my body in rhythmic fashion.
Then my body shook with pain and pleasure as my orgasms crushed my body about as hard as the snake's muscles.
I tried to stop but I could not resist my primitive urges.
My mouth opened in bliss and shock took over my body.
Then my body stoped moving and my heart stopped beating.
I felt some hot acid of the digestive process start to burn my entire body skin as my mind went blank.
This is it, I was going to die.
"Ugh! I mean, Agh."
As my mind was in darkness, I felt something rip above my hair, I felt something grab me under my armpits.
I imagined myself being lifted up to heaven by the arms of a goddess.
I began to cough and splatter all the slime from my mouth as I felt my naked body being washed by the sunlight.
"Zelda, Zelda, can you wake up?" I heard a voice, a voice I knew well.
Huh? Did she masturbate her heart back into action? Whatever.
I opened my eyes and I saw Link holding me in his arms. I thought that I was dead until I felt the blankets on my bedroom floor touch my feet.
"Zelda, thank god you are alive." Link cried as he hugged me.
My arms slowly came around his waist as I hugged him back. I was starting to breathe faster as I began to remember what had happened to me.
"Link" I asked him. "How did you save me?"
I then looked at the side of my bed chamber to see a long muscle body of the snake dripping in green blood staining the mattress. I saw the head decapitated at the side.
"I saw your body slide down the snakes body" Link explained to me. "If I had not cut off its head to get you out then you would have been gone by now."
"Thank you Link, Thank you for saving my life tonight." I cried in his arms as I was so thankful to still be alive.
This was probably the tenth time Link had ever saved my life and I was sure it would not be the last.
No, probably not, not if you're too lazy to lock your damn window when Sex-Snakes are on the loose.
My sore arms slowly took Link's cap off and I slowly lifted his green shirt of to feel the skin to skin contact with him.
"I love you Link." I whispered into his ear.
"I love you too Zelda." Link replied.
For that moment I felt so happy, I had finally confessed my love for Link and he felt the same in return.
I moved my arms around his neck as I deeply hugged my love of my life.
I'm skipping ahead a bit; basically, Zelda starts feeling bad and Link rubs some Red Potion Cream on her, and like everything else in this world, this makes Zelda aroused.
Link looked deep into my eyes and asked.
"Is there anything I can do for you Zelda?"
A grin came to my face as I asked him one final request.
"Yes Link. Can you make love to me?"
Link's face glowed red as I responded.
"Well, if you love me and I love you, then I feel it is the right thing to do." Link said.
I nodded in agreement as Link slowly undid his tights and for the first time in my life, I saw Link naked.
Link moved himself on top of me and I closed my eyes once more.
'This is it' I thought. 'I'm finally going to make love with Link'
Link pressed his body against mine and I felt his manhood go inside me.
I gasped as I felt my barrier shatter inside me but my screams were muted by his loving kiss.
"The shield is down! Commence attack on the vagina's main reactor!"
My tongue duelled with his tongue as Link started to move his body against mine.
"Oh Link" I murmured under his kiss.
My breasts were rubbing against his chest and I felt my swollen nipples touch his hard flat nipples.
The sensation flowed through my body. Never in my life had I felt so complete.
After a while, Link moved faster and faster on top of me.
Here we go!
I could feel something building up inside by body and it threaten to wash itself over me.
Link was rubbing my body hard and his chest began to squash my breasts.
I turned my head left to right as the sensation began to grow bigger, and larger inside me.
I felt like I was being swallowed again by the snake, only this time I could feel Link's body next to mine as he puffed and panted above me.
"Ugh, Link, ugh, Help" I gasped.
I could not control my emotions as I felt the snake swallowing us both.
"Hang on, ugh, Zelda, ugh, I'm coming." Link struggled for breath above me.
I moved my hips up as I felt myself bounce.
"Link, ugh, it's, ugh, the snake, UGH, swallowing, UGH, US!" I cried painfully as I felt myself going over the edge. The traumatic memories were coming back to me but I knew that Link was here to protect me from the snake I imagined swallowing us.
Link stopped immediately. "I could get past the 'Ughs,' but did you seriously just say 'the snake is swallowing us'? Lady, you are one spooky chick. I may never have an erection again."
"Don't worry, ugh, I love you, UGH, ZELDA!" Link shouted as he climaxed.
"I love you too!" I screamed in one breath as I climaxed too.
"I'm just glad to have helped bring you two kids together!" yelled the snake.
Link's exhausted body fell on top of mine as we brought our heads together for one more passionate kiss.
"That was amazing!" I panted as we broke the kiss.
"To, me, you are, amazing." replied Link.
As Link and I turned to the side and we both held our bodies together, one thing came though my mind.
"Link?" I asked him. "Did you just imagine what I thought you imagined when you made love to me?"
"No," said Link, "because I'm not an insane person."
"You, mean the snake?" asked Link in return.
"I had the same fantasy going in my head too." I confessed.
I felt that I was weird for thinking like that, especially since I was swallowed by one. But this felt like it was safe.
"Hey, Zelda?" Link asked to my face. "When we make live again, I would like it if you imagined that we were trapped in quicksand."
I was surprised to hear Link say that. Fantasise about sinking in quicksand while having sex?
I thought that was weird, and threw him out of the palace so I could jerk off while thinking about being eaten by a snake again. "What a freak!" I said to myself. "Ugh, UGH"
I then thought about what I fantasised when we made love a minute ago. I felt that if I could fantasise the sensations of being swallowed by a snake while we made love then it should not be too uncomfortable to fantasise about sinking into quicksand.

I then felt my bed mattress getting softer and softer. I felt my whole body becoming light and I felt my legs, hips and even my chest begin to sink into the soft middle part of my bed.
"Maybe it is possible!" I said to Link as the feeling of slowly sinking into my bed became evident.
This was going to be the start of the best love making stage of my life as I slowly kissed Link on his lips.
The End.
And FFF finally has its first suffocation fetish story. Lest you worry that this is a fake or some kind of one kind deal, let me list some of TBoneTony's other fan fics:

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And there's more, but you get the point. Here's what get's me: I laughed as hard as anyone at the premise of Legend of Neil, where a dude auto-erotically asphyxiates himself with a Nintendo controller while masturbating to the fairy in LoZ. But to TBoneTony, this is not comedy -- it was either a brilliant idea, or seriously old news. "What? I've been choking myself with an NES controller since the first Super Mario Bros! Get with the times, Legend of Neil. UGH UGH UGH UGH --"

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