The 20 Goofiest GoBot Names

By Jay Barish in Daily Lists, Toys
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 8:07 am
10) Night Ranger
Since there's nothing about this blue police motorcycle that specifically calls for nocturnal specialization, we can only assume that somebody at Tonka was a big fan of the band that wrote "Sister Christian."

9) Dumper
To be fair, this is apparently what they call certain kinds of dump trucks. But it's also what they call certain kinds of asses.

8) Pumper
See above, but replace "dump trucks" with "fire engines" and "asses" with... well pretty much anything that will result in an NSFW Google image search.

7) Bad Boy
Was it Kierkegaard or Leader-1 who said, "If you label me a bad boy, you negate my badness"? This may be an easy way of telling us that this Renegade is not to be trusted with our hearts, or it may be a reference to the 1985 hit by Miami Sound Machine. Either way, it must have made somebody at Tonka feel so good.

6) Water Walk
This pontoon plane was also known by his nickname, "GoBot Jesus."

5) Tork
Torque: noun, the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis. Tork: proper noun, the fourth Monkee.

4) Small Foot
It's amazing how at one point in your life you can look at a name and say, "Oh, that's a play on 'Bigfoot'," and at another point you can say, "What idiot came up with such a terrible play on 'Bigfoot'?"

3) Grungy
I... don't think they meant "Grungy." I think they meant "Shiny," or "Deadly," or "Giant Robot Who's Quite Clean, Thanks, And Do You SEE A Flannel Shirt?"

2) Herr Fiend
Herr Fiend.JPG
By combining the German "mister" and the synonym for "monster," Tonka inadvertently created the most preposterously evil name ever. Unfortunately, it must have been too evil for the cartoon's producers, who changed his name to the James Bond-referencing "Doctor Go." Way to neuter the character, guys.

1) Baron Von Joy
Apparently, Tonka must have been hung up on the whole Porsches-are-made-in-Germany thing, because they made this guy a Baron. But... he's a good guy! Can good guys be Barons? Baron Von Strucker was a Nazi, Baron Samedi ruled the dead... I guess the only way they could justify a heroic baron was if they put the word "joy" right in his name. Mission accomplished!

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