20 Doctor Who Characters Who Desperately Need Their Own Action Figures

By Chris Cummins in Daily Lists, TV, Toys
Monday, December 6, 2010 at 8:03 am
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Before Character Options' started their line of Doctor Who toy line a few years back, fans of the long-running British series had to settle for Dapol's crappy action figures if they wanted to have their own adventures in time and space. Distributed in the States by Underground Toys, these releases have given Whovians an incredible array of characters from both the classic era of the series and Nu-Who (although as this look at The 10 Least Necessary Doctor Who Figures points out, not every one of these figures has been a winner). Fortunately, more often than not these toys have been terrific for kids and collectors alike. The recent release of a gift set featuring all eleven Doctors silenced naysayer's who felt that not enough love was being given to the show's original run. Still, there are plenty of other Doctor Who characters who merit their own plastic doppelgangers. With that in mind, today's Daily List sorted through hundred of potential candidates to come up with the characters who most desperately deserve their own toys. In the interest of fairness, the entire run of the series so far was considered -- along with some fun yet canonically dubious offshoots. From numerous busty companions to penis-headed villains and beyond, here's 20 folks from Who's decade-spanning journey through the stars who deserve their own action figures. Geronimo!

20) The Doctor with Fez

Why? Because fezzes are cool. Duh. Actually, seeing how much Character Options loves to release new versions of the Doctor, this isn't too far of a stretch. So keep those fingers crossed, Shriners!

19) Susan Foreman

Susan Foreman was the first companion featured on the show and she's also the Doc's granddaughter. Don't go looking for any nepotism here though; she's a long shot to get made at this point (character Options tends to focus on monsters and aliens, toys that obviously have more appeal to kids). If justice suddenly prevails in the universe and this toy does get produced, it would ideally come in a three-pack with the First Doctor's other early companions, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton.

18) Peri Brown

Nicola Bryant portrayed Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown on Doctor Who and is best remembered for three things -- a dodgy American accent and two specific parts of her anatomy. Yes, Peri's breasts were a, um, huge draw for audiences who tuned in between 1984 and 1986. Unfortunately as a character she wasn't particularly compelling. Not that it matters to the lonely fans desperate to have little plastic replicas of her boobs in their toy collections.

17) The Valeyard

Doctor Who wasn't immune to the whole evil double trope, thus the Valeyard. This sinister version of the Doctor from the future caused the Sixth Doctor a heap of trouble during the "Trial of a Time Lord" serial. Due to a miscalculation by someone in the costume department, he did so looking like a refugee from Studio 54 (though to be fair, it is hard to be menacing while wearing a swim cap). Since Steven Moffat took over the show, it has been endlessly rumored that the Valeyard is the mysterious figure behind the "silence will fall" plot point that ran throughout season five. This seems feasible due to Moffat's love for all things classic Who, so stay tuned.

16) Harriet Jones

The Doctor completely fucked over Harriet Jones. She provoked his rage when she blew the Sycorax ship out of the sky in "The Christmas Invasion" even though her intentions -- to protect the Earth at all costs since he can't always be around to save mankind -- were noble. But Ten was too busy trying to get some Rose loving to see things from her point of view. He had Harriet booted from office with his cocky four-word speech. Of course this lapse in judgment in turn opened the door for Harold Saxon (aka The Master) to take control of Britain, then the world, in that lame two-parter with the CGI shrunken Doctor nonsense. After that mess was cleared up in the most messianic way possible, she was proven right in "The Stolen Earth" when the Daleks showed up and caused havoc across the globe while the Time Lord wasn't around, exactly as she predicted. Ultimately she sacrificed herself in order to help mankind -- and the meddling alien who caused her so much grief. Suffering one final indignity, she was mocked by the Daleks then exterminated. Harriet Jones, you constantly introduced yourself and we still hardly knew ye.

15) Wilfred Mott

Donna Noble was a polarizing character amongst Whovians who were either charmed or irritated by her shrewish persona. The same isn't true for her universally loved granddad Wilfred Mott. As played by Bernard Cribbins (who also co-starred in the campy Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 AD film), Mott was a kindly spirit who dreamt of life in the stars. His desire to learn more about the universe was realized when he met the Tenth Doctor. As fate would have it, Mott's life was revealed to be entangled with the last Gallifreyan for reasons that became tragically evident in "The End of Time, Part II." Poor guy. Meanwhile, the pointless Dr. Constantine figure from "The Empty Child" is proof that Character Options has no problem making toys based on old men. So Wilf isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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