20 Doctor Who Characters Who Desperately Need Their Own Action Figures

By Chris Cummins in Daily Lists, TV, Toys
Monday, December 6, 2010 at 8:03 am
14) Sally Sparrow

A few years after appearing in the fan favorite episode "Blink," Carey Mulligan is the new it girl. Who could've guessed? Mulligan's newfound Hollywood clout probably rules out a return appearance for Sally Sparrow. The upshot is that her high profile might yet yield some toy results. Now that we have that sorted out, can someone explain why she is singing on the new Belle & Sebastian album?

13) The Rani

Simply put, the Rani was evil Time Lady who was a right pain in the ass for the Doctor. (The phrase "intergalactic bitch" comes to mind). Like the aforementioned Valeyard, she has been frequently rumored to be making an impending return to the series. Nu-Who has creatively exhausted the whole only one surviving Time Lord thing, so bringing back the Rani would be welcome indeed. As for any potential Rani figure, the biggest obstacle to its production would be settling one which of the character's space blouses to immortalize in plastic.

12) The Kandyman

Who can look ridiculous, incredibly stupid too? The Kandyman can! Even though the character is lame, his eye-catching design is downright toyetic and would be appealing to kids who have a fondness for colorful robots and/or candy. Moffat should convince Character Options to produce a Kandyman toy so he can keep it on his desk as a cautionary tale to not ever let his villains become as goofy. Wait, the Smilers you say? Shit.

11) Ace

Ace is a pyromaniac yet there's not one fan video that features footage of her accompanied by The Prodigy's "Firestarter" on YouTube. This is even more disheartening than the character's inexcusable lack of action figure representation.

10) Jo Grant

Jo Grant (Katy Manning) was the Third Doctor's spunky and scatterbrained companion. The character recently resurfaced in the "Death of the Doctor" two-parter of The Sarah Jane Adventures that also co-starred Matt Smith, so we could get a figure of her in that show's toy line. That's not quite good enough. Fondly remembered by fans of Pertwee-era Who, Manning caused a bit of controversy in 1978 when she posed naked with a Dalek in the British magazine Girl Illustrated (the NSFW pictures are just a Google search away, or you can click on this family friendly Lego recreation of one of the photos here). If and when a vintage Grant figure is released, it won't take long for customizers to recreate these saucy pics with it and a Dalek toy. It's a sad and beautiful world.

9) Leela

You've got Sheena in my Doctor Who! You've got Doctor Who in my Sheena! Sci-fi's other Leela is this savage she beast (played by actress Louise Jameson) whose skin-baring outfits played an integral part in the puberties of Brits growing up in the 1970s. I'm too lazy to check, but there's bound to be fan fiction where the Futurama and Doctor Who Leelas get involved in sexcapades somewhere online. Hell, probably on this very website. Hi Rob!

8) Peter Cushing as the Doctor

Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 AD are to Doctor Who what the Japanese Spider-Man TV series is to the webslinger: non-canonical curiosities that are a lot of fun to watch. Both of the films are cheesy and more geared to kids than the show ever was. That's hardly a bad thing. Cushing's Doctor was a kindly, absent-minded inventor who views the fantastical events around him with a childlike wonder. Even when the movies drag, his performance still manages to captivate because of the excitement he lets the character emote. When Character Options released their recent set of all eleven TV Doctors, they missed a golden opportunity to really do some fan service by throwing in Cushing's Doc as a bonus. Given the legal hurdles that would likely have to be overcome to make this figure a reality, this is understandable. Sadly, this one will likely remain on your wish list indefinitely.

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