Oh, (Giant Killer Space) Rats

By Rob Bricken in Movies
Friday, February 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm
On Wednesday, I made your world indescribably better by introducing you to the trailer for the robo-zombie-Jesus from space epic I Am Here... Now, courtesy of Cinefamily's Holy Fucking Shit series. Well, seeing how much I loved IAH...N (as we folks in the know like to call it), Cinefamily sent me another trailer for another film that I may love even more than IAH...N. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the majesty of Rat Scratch Fever:

There's another trailer with some different footage and somehow even worse effects, including a shot of a giant rat-covered Capitol building exploding, right here. And please, if you suspect someone of having an alien rat living in their brain, say something.

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