10 Incredibly Rad (and Nerdy) Happy Meal Toys

By Adrian Beiting in Daily Lists, Toys
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 8:01 am
5) Batman: The Animated Series
The figures were the real stars here -- the Batman, Catwoman, Riddler and Batgirl toys all captured the look of their animated counterparts nicely. The vehicles didn't make a terrible amount of sense (with the exception of Robin's bike) but they were kind of creative in their own right; for example, you could flip around the front and back of Two-Face's car to transform it from posh city cruiser to wrecked beater, symbolizing which half took over behind the wheel for the evening. Cool.

4) Back to the Future: The Animated Series
For a long while, this Happy Meal set was strangely one of few ways to recreate memories from the BttF franchise, which made them quite special for those who wanted toys with which to act out their favorite scenes. Now, if the fact that Einstein appears to be piloting a locomotive composed entirely of sparkly toothpaste and strawberry swirl pops seems a bit off, we'd like to kindly remind you that this set was based on the animated series, although even then, we're not sure if it makes a terrible amount of sense. Since it's Back to the Future though, Einstein could be driving a Corvette while dressed in a robe and we'd still attempt to buy it on eBay.

3) Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Spidey's '90s animated series got a nice rendition by the folks at Mickey D's. The set included four figures and four vehicles and while it did suffer from the inclusion of several cars that were pretty lame, and an MJ figure that was essentially a glorified paper doll, there was still plenty to love. Outside of solid recreations of Spidey and Doc Oc, it included Spider-Sense Peter Parker which captured one of Pete's most famous powers nicely.

2) Super Looney Tunes
It's hard to forget this set, as there were few things more awesome in Happy Mealdom at the time than snapping a plastic rendition of the Scarlet Speedster's red leotard around a Tasmanian Devil figure and transforming him into Taz Flash. The set also came with Daffy, Bugs and Petunia along all with their own DC-inspired alter egos.

1) Lego Batman
1) Lego Batman.jpg
Competing with the nerdiness of a premium that combines Lego, Batman, video games and Happy Meal toys is a difficult task indeed, which is why this set tops the list. While the Lego element is essentially limited to an aesthetic device (you don't really get to build anything in the traditional sense), the figures are larger than standard minifigs and feature different poses. They also have codes on the back to be used with the game the set is based on. Lastly, the vehicles are nice as well, firing missiles and doing their game counterparts justice. So yeah - winning.

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