BREAKING: That's Really Natalie Portman's Butt in the Your Highness Trailer

By Rob Bricken in Movies
Monday, March 28, 2011 at 4:12 pm
Finally, the argument that has been tearing our nation apart, and pitting brother against brother has been solved. From FilmDrunk:
Word from a trusted source close to the production who would know is: the part where you can see Natalie's face (the banner pic) is all Portman, they only used the stunt double for the part where she dives into the water (here), because pshaw, son, an Oscar-winning actress ain't gonna dive into no cold-ass Irish water.   So there you have it.  Aren't you glad we cleared that up?  I know Natalie Portman's butt has been keeping you up at night. And now, probably.
Gentlemen, you may now masturbate in full confidence that you are not jerking it to a pale imitation. So to speak.

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