Star Trek: The Next Penetration

By Chris Cummins in Miscellaneous, Movies
Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 4:00 pm
Here's a trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody from Revolution X and Digital Sin studios. Even though it's SFW, I'll bottom line it for you in case you are weary of having your boss or co-workers stumble upon you viewing it: think "Yesterday's Enterprise" with tits...and better special effects than Star Trek: The Next Generation. One thing is evident from this, the production team did their homework to get the tone of Trek right. There also seems to be an attempt to showcase a decent story amidst all the hardcore fucking, as well as an ample amount of fanwanking for any wanking fans who may check this out. In the press release, director Sam Hain states "having watched every episode numerous times growing up, I knew exactly what sex scenes Trekkies wanted to see. Our parody is about fulfilling the fantasies of fans around the world. The trailer is an excellent glimpse of what's to come." Tee hee, he said "come."
You can witness the filthy acts of depravity between Picard, Crusher, Data, Spot (okay, probably not him), et al. for yourself when the DVD is released on May 5.
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