5 Best (and 5 Lamest) Comic Books Clowns

By Ethan Kaye in Comics, Daily Lists
Friday, May 6, 2011 at 8:10 am
Clowns! They're silly! They make balloon animals and tell jokes and do low-level magic! They're funny! Or... they're terrifying, grinning ghouls that only want to eat your soul. Either one, depending on your childhood traumas.

Comic creators know that while clowns are ostensibly supposed to be appealing, they evoke a visceral response for many, many people, so dozens of them have been crammed into the tiny car known as "comic continuity." Clowns abound in comics; some are good guys, but many are villains. Some of these clown characters work, some of them don't... and others have become some of the most memorable comic characters ever (you know who we're talking about). Some of them... well, they don't show up much anymore, and for that, we should thank our lucky red rubber noses. Here's a list of the five comic book clowns we're happy to read about, and five we aren't... although we wouldn't want to particularly meet any of them in a dark alley.


5) Slapstick
Slapstick was straight out of the "let's just put weird books out and see if any of them *cough*Nightwatch*cough* stick" era of comics publishing. But unlike the Darkhold Redeemers, Slapstick's still popping up. His Bugs Bunny-like powers of doing anything he wanted to served him well on The Initiative, where he went from being goofy comic relief to a backstabbing rebel who fragged his own drill instructor. He may be silly, but a Slapstick miniseries would be much more fun than the constant stream of Captain America series Marvel's been churning out.

4) Violator
To his friends, he's a giant horned demon who guides Hellspawn. But when he wants to play it cool, he dons his classy clown gear. You know, just to fuck with people with fears of clowns (coulrophobia). In Spawn comics, he was comfortable to show up either as clown or demon, but in the Spawn movie he basically stayed human, as John Leguizamo's salary was much higher than the Violator CGI budget.

3) Harley Quinn
Not only does Harley Quinn star month to month in Gotham City Sirens, she's also featured quite prominently in crudely-drawn fan art of her fucking basically everyone in the Bat-cast. Seriously, I'm a comic art collector and it shows up in every single search I try to do for Batman art. Harley's obviously one of DC's top female villains, starring her own title for 38 issues and making an appearance in almost every other single Bat book. And with her numerous animated appearances, she's keeping voice actor Arleen Sorkin filthy rich.

2) Jack-in-the-Box
Astro City's comical hero is one of the series' most striking and recognizable characters, and with good reason: he's freaking awesome. The costume's everything a clown fan could ask for, and he's got a box of toys that would make Batman cry. Electrocuting clown noses? Streamers that immobilize crooks? Telescoping boxing gloves? It's like he's got all the awesome Joker weapons that got forgotten in the '60s! And speaking of whom...

1) The Joker
Yeah, he's #1. He crippled Batgirl. He killed Robin. He killed Jim Gordon's wife. He hates everybody all the time but steals the spotlight in every book he's in. We can forgive him for all his goofy Silver Age crimes because he gave us great stories like "The Laughing Fish" and "The Killing Joke." He's Batman's baddest villain, and hence, our favorite.

Comics' crappiest clowns are on the next page.
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