Shout Factory Engages in a Little Munky Business

By Rob Bricken in Cartoons, DVDs, Toys
Monday, May 16, 2011 at 4:04 pm
Shout Factory just released the specs for their 8-disc, online exclusive complete Beast Wars set (oddly, the video is only for the Vol. 1 set, though). I was pretty sure you guys would want to know.
Die-hard fans further rejoice! Shout! Factory, along with Hasbro, Inc., are set to release the TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS - The Complete Series Collector's Edition 8-DVD box set. Jam packed with hours of entertaining content, this Complete Series Collector's Edition contains the entire CG animated series of BEAST WARS and a bounty of stellar extras, including retrospective featurettes, a 12-page book, art galleries, plus a special collectible 24-page comic book TRANSFORMERS Timelines "Dawn of the Future's Past." Originally published by Fun Publications for BotCon, the official TRANSFORMERS convention, in 2006, the comic book is the official prequel story leading right up to the start of Beast Wars and offers valuable insight into all the events that led to OPTIMUS PRIMAL chasing after MEGATRON and PREDACONS! TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS - The Complete Series Collector's Edition arrives exclusively to Shout! Factory's official online store on June 7, 2011. Pre-order begins now!
You can pre-order it right here for $50 -- less than a buck per episode -- and the comic is a nice touch, too. Go ahead, I'll be here, wondering when my simple copying-and-pasting of a press release will be used as evidence that I'm some kind of deranged G1 lover. Sigh. (Via TV Shows on DVD)

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