Fan Fiction Friday: Bleach's Rukia and Orihime in "Orihime's Secret"

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Nerdery
Friday, July 1, 2011 at 2:00 pm
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Today's FFF is short and probably not particularly funny. I don't care. After sitting through a Michael Bay Transformers movie, the last thing I want to do is subject myself to another horrible fan fic story. Honestly, I had almost decided to skip FFF this week, when I decided you knuckleknobs would probably enjoy a shitty FFF as opposed to none, so here we are.

If you're unfamiliar with the anime Bleach, don't worry -- this story by Shana-Tan2131 isn't particular dependent on knowing the series. In fact, you don't even really need to know anything about the two characters Rukia and Orihime, although that's Rukia on the left and Orihime on the right if you want to picture them. In fact, I'm just going to skip ahead in the story until Rukia goes over to Orihime's apartment because she's bored. Let's just get this little nightmare over with.

"Hmmm let's play that." Rukia said as she pointed at Orhime's game counsel.

Orihime has her own videogame lawyer? Weird.

"OK" Orihime said turning it on. It was a girl's fighting game

So Tekken.

and Orihime was winning 5 games to none. Rukia had problems getting the controls right and memorizing what buttona to press to do what action. Rukia managed to get one victory by randomly mashing buttons

Yep, Tekken.

and getting a secret special instantly killing Orihime's player. Rukia started yawning and was starting to get sleepy because of all the pizza she ate. Orihime was getting sleepy also and suggested watching TV until they both fell asleep. Rukia was the first to fall asleep, and then shortly Orihime was next.


A few hours later Rukia was the first to awaken she looked over and saw Orihime still sleeping. Rukia decided to let Orihime sleep and got up to look around. Rukia found herself in Orihime's bed room just looking for anything.

Anything. A magazine. A bed. A lizard. A red wheelbarrow. Colin Firth. Anything.

A trunk with pink bunny stickers caught Rukia's eye and she proceeded to open it, thinking there was some cute rabbit like stuffed animal in side.

"Rukia no don't open that!" Orihime yelled as she ran towards Rukia and tripped and colliding heads with Rukia. The back Rukia's head hit the trunk causing it to fly open.

Her head?

"Oh no Rukia are you ok answer me?"

Her goddamn skull just flew open, of course she's not okay.

"Yeah I'm fine Ori-hi-me" Rukia paused saying Orihime's name as she looked in the trunk.

Huh. Why did I pick this story for FFF again?

What Rukia first saw was a DVD with a picture of a girl wearing a diaper with her hands and feet tied down, and then she looked at the other items that were inside the trunk. Rukia found many different brands of diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, baby wipes and other baby supplies. Rukia also found hand cuffs, rope, and a metal pole with cuffs on it big enough for a person's ankles.


"Orihime what is all this stuff?"

"Wait Rukia I-I can explain."

"Well, I get sexually exciting by seeing babies tied up."

"I don't think that's as good an explanation as you seem to think."

"Wait I know this is what humans do for fun right Orihime?"

"No Rukia that's not it." Orihime said as she started to cry.

Well, at least she's honest.

Orihime wait what's wrong why are you crying? Rukia asked trying console Orihime.

"Because I have a saggy diaper that leaks!"

"Its over my, secret's out my life is going to be ruined, when every one finds out they will make fun of me, I'll have no friends".

"ORIHIME!" Rukia screamed her name." I don't have the slightest clue of what going on here, or what this stuff is used for, but if me seeing it causes you this much trouble I wont tell anyone I swear."

"Really Rukia?" you wont tell anyone not even Ichigo?"

"I would not even tell General Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai if he threatened me with execution again, now please Orihime dry your eyes and tell me what's going on."

"Ok Rukia I will tell you everything. You know my brother Sora was killed in an accident when I was only 12 years old, well I did not get over it right away I started wetting the bed a lot then soon afterwards I bought some diapers to keep me dry at night. Then one day by accident I found a site that had teens my age wearing diapers and doing baby things.

Hey, don't laugh. I often try to google "new videogame trailers" and accidentally end up typing "diaper girls in bondage." It happens more than you'd think.

I found other sites with girls being forced to wear diapers and doing sexual things with them. I don't why but when I did these things it made me feel a lot better".

Rukia embraced Orihime and patted the back of her head. "I'm so sorry Orihime I should have never opened the chest with out your permission, will you ever forgive me."

"Theirs nothing to forgive Rukia I should be thanking you, I'm glad that there is someone I could tell. I feel as if a heavy weight has just been taken off my shoulders."

"And out of my diaper!"

"No problem" Rukia said picking up a diaper and handing it to Orihime." I want you to share your secret with me Orihime, if these diaper are able to ease your suffering then I want to experience it to."

I think I've just discovered Pampers' new marketing campaign.

Orihime was shocked to hear this. "Rukia are you sure, I mean some of the things I do are kind of over the top."

"I haven't told you the part about how I eat the diapers after I wear them."

"Let me be the one to answer that Orihime, if I don't like it Ill just yell stop ok."

"Ok Rukia but only if you're sure" Orihime said reaching under her skirt and taking off a tight pair of black stockings she had on, reviling a purple diaper she already wearing. "Ok Rukia I need you to take off all you clothes ok". Rukia did as she was told and took off all the clothes she had on. Orihime then instructed Rukia to lye down on her bed.

Well, that's just a softball.

"Ok Rukia I'm going to tie your hands and feet down now." Rukia just shook her head. Orihime then took out two sets of handcuffs and cuffed Rukia's hands to each side of the bed post then took a pole with ankle cuffs and attached it to Rukia's ankle forced spreading her legs apart." So Rukia how do you feel right now?"

"I'm kind of freaked out that we're starting with the bondage part and not the baby part, frankly."

"It's feels weird being forced down like this, I'll be fine, now please continue."

"Ok but just a warning things may get sexual."


With no response from Rukia Orihime took the diaper Rukia gave to her earlier unfolded and opened it up. Orihime first took a bottle of baby lotion and squirted some in her hand and messaged it into Rikia's butt and bare privets causing her to let out a soft moan.

Orihime rubbed lotion into Rukia's hedges? Now things are getting really kinky.

Orhime heard this and it made her very excited, she next took a container of baby powder and sprinkled some on her butt and bare privets also, she also messaged it into Rukia's skin causing the girl to let off another soft moan.


Hearing Rukia moan excited Orihime even more. "Ok now for the main part" Orihime said pushing the pole up that Rukia's ankles were attached to so that her knees were by were up to her chin, Orihime lifted Rukia up enough to slide the diaper under her. Pulling her legs back down, Orihime then pulled the front of the diaper up between Rukia's legs and taped up all six tapes. "So how do you feel now Rukia did you enjoy it?"

I'm going to go ahead and assume that Shana-Tan2131 knows exactly how many tape-tags a diaper has. It's just a hunch I have.

"No I don't get what you see in this, but if this is what you like then I no right to critize.

I think you have a little right to criticize, actually.

I want to keep spending time with you Orihime so can we keep playing this game?" Rukia said wiggling around a little.

"I'm not really thrilled that I'm tied naked to a bed and you put a diaper on me, but I consider this quality time, so let's continue."

Orihime was not happy to here that. "Oh are you sure about that?" Orihime asked placing her hand on the front of Rukia's diaper. "With all those moans you were letting off earlier, it looked like you were enjoying it to me?" Orihime said as she started to gently rub the front of Rukia's diaper causing her to let out a louder moan.

"Orihime no don't" Rukia said in between moans, squirming around on the bed.

"Oh do you want me to stop now?" Orihime asked as she kept rubbing Rukia's diaper, but Orihime got no response. "That's what I though"

Apparently the new Huggies slogan is "Enjoy the Ride." Coincidence? God, I hope so.

Orihime said dryly as she began to press down harder on Rukia's diaper. Rukia was now moaning louder and harder as she arched her body uncontrollably it was most intense pleasure that the young soul reaper had ever felt and it brought her to higher and higher heights of arousal until she orgasmed in pleasure right in her diaper.

toht face melting.jpg

I couldn't decide which pic to use, so I used both. Hope you don't mind.

Rukia was now out of breath and was laid out on Orihime's bed trying to catch her breath. Orihime walked over and undid all of Rukia's restrains and helped her sit up." Looks like you really did enjoy that, but I think we had enough fun for one night right?" Orihime asked handing Rukia a shirt to wear. Rukia's face was flushed she could not be leave what just happened to her but at the same time she wanted experience more or Orihime's secret.

"So when is it my turn to make you orgasm like that?" Rukia asked

"Your turn, don't be silly Rukia you told me yourself that you did not know what I saw in wearing diapers so unless you are a diaper lover like me you don't get a turn" Orihime said smiling.

"Only the diaper faithful will get their chance to masturbate the diaper elite, Rukia. Diaper non-believers like yourself can't participate in any diaper festivities."

"Oh yeah we'll see about that" Rukia said growling. "Bakado number one restraint" Rukia used one of her kido spell's on Orihime forcing her arms behind her back. Orihime lost her balance and fell on her back. Rukia took the same metal pole with the leg cuffs and attached Orihime's ankles to it forcing her legs apart.

"Rukia what did you do to me, I can't move, let me go now" Orihime demanded.

"No! Don't get me off, you diaper skeptic! It is not allowed!"

Rukia ignored Orihime and went to work untaping diaper she already had on under her skirt.

What? She's taking off Orihime's diaper?! She's a Diaper Heretic! A Diaper Heathen! A Diaper Madwoman! Some stop this insanity, please!

Rukia got up and went to the trunk with a supplies inside and took out a small vibrator, she turned the vibrator on high and walk over to Orihime.

"Rukia what are you going to do with that?" Orihime asked with a nervous look on her face.

She's going to use it knead some bread, Orihime. What the fuck do you think she's going to do with it?

Rukia was still ignoring Orihime and placed the vibrator against her privet area then pulled the diaper up between her legs and retaped the diaper up.

The sad reality is that "privet area" is actually a pretty reasonable term for female genitalia.

Orihime was moaning loudly and squirming uncontrollable. "Rukia no please take it out" Orihime was trying to talk in between moans. Rukia gave Orihime's diaper one final pat pushing the vibrator deeper in Orihime's privets before getting up and walking out the room. "No Rukia don't leave me like this please come back" Orihime pleaded as Rukia left her in her room, leaving her have one orgasm after another.

THE END. Yes, the story ends kind of abruptly, but once you write yourself into the corner of having your main character tied to a bed with a vibrator shoved up her hedgerow and a diaper on, it's pretty hard to write yourself out. All I can tell you is that is you remain unfulfilled after reading this story, Shana-Tan2131 has 23 other stories, all involving diapers, and several over 40,000 words. Go knock yourself out. I'll be here drinking and trying to figure how to explain to people why my future baby will be allowed to shit on the floor.

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