Various DC Nonsense Trifecta: Dark Knight Rises, Superman, Lois Lane as Wonder Woman

By Rob Bricken in Comics, Movies, TV
Friday, December 30, 2011 at 11:22 am
• It's a slow enough news week that I feel compelled to tell you about a recently revealed scene from Dark Knight Rises, and by "tell" I mean "copy and paste from Hero Complex." Spoilers, I guess:

Gotham City is a war zone. A ruthless madman named Bane has ripped away any sense of security and the citizens, haggard and clutching suitcases with refugee anxiety, sit behind barbed wire waiting to see what will blow up next. A hooded prisoner is dragged in - it's Bruce Wayne, one of Gotham's most famous faces - but the eyes of the crowd go instead to the woman in black standing at the top of the staircase.

"Sorry to spoil things, boys, but Bane needs these guys himself," says sultry Selina Kyle, played here by actress Anne Hathaway, navigating the steps with stiletto heels that, on closer inspection, turn out to have serrated edges capable of leaving nasty claw marks in a fight. She also wears high-tech goggles that, when not in use, flip up and resemble feline ears.

The idea that Catwoman and Bane might be working together makes me more interested in DKR. It seems like forever since I've seen Catwoman portrayed as an actual villain.

Wired has a preview of Action Comics #5 which is -- and I swear to god I'm not making this up -- another fucking retelling of Superman's origin. I think I need someone to write a "The 45 Best Superman Origins Stories of All Time" Daily List, just to illustrate how ridiculous this is getting. At least this one explains what the hell happened to Krypto in the DCnU, I guess.

• Apparently, Erica Durance -- who played Lois Lane on Smallville -- will be appearing on NBC's shitty but popular drama Harry's Law as a woman who thinks she's Wonder Woman. This is notable mostly because Durance will be wearing the outfit from the utterly awful Wonder Woman pilot, starring Adrianne Palicki. Whether you find this notable because it's Erica Durance in a WW outfit or because NBC is so cheap they couldn't give Durance a new costume is up to you. (Via Comic Book Resources)

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