With Great Polish Comes Great Responsibility

By Chris Cummins in Comics, Merchandise, Miscellaneous
Friday, March 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm
Spidey Nail Polish.jpg
So OPI is releasing a line of nail polish in conjunction with The Amazing Spider-Man. From a soulless marketing point-of-view, I can understand how this seems like a nifty way to court both the fangirls and the 18-25 female demographic who otherwise wouldn't be interested in anything comic related. But the titles of these things? Yeesh. I'm fairly sure that "Call Me Gwen-ever" is the lamest pun of the 21st century thus far, and is anyone else getting a pervy vibe from the above copy for "Your Web or Mine?"

All that aside, I will give OPI credit here because there has never been a better name for any product in history than "Just Spotted the Lizard." Well played folks, you really, um, nailed it there. (Via Comics Alliance)
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