Best/Worst Nerd Dating Experience: And the Winners Are...

By Chris Cummins in Nerdery
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 2:00 pm
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First off, I have to thank each and every one of you that entered this contest. It's not easy to share your personal tales of romantic triumph and tragedy with (mostly futile) hopes of winning a free T-shirt, but nearly 300 of you did. Well done. I found your insights to be touching and, at times, surprisingly heartbreaking. Again, I do truly appreciate you all telling me about your nerdy dating experiences. (Or lack thereof). Now if only you guys actually paid attention to the contest intro and kept your entries brief. Sigh. Oh well.

Unfortunately, I only had two TR shirts to give away. I picked winners whose stories captivated/horrified me, and I hope you'll agree with my findings. As you'll see by the quality of the honorable mentions, coming up with the actual winners was a Herculean task to say the least. Hit the jump to see what I came up with.

Here are the honorable mentions:

Brando Lars:
Back in college there was a super Hot girl in the Sci-Fi club I belonged to. But she was dating an acquaintance. One day in one of our School's many lounges the boyfriend turns to me and asks me to spend some time with his girlfriend over the long weekend because he was worried about leaving her alone. You see I found out that apparently she had cheated on him the last time he went away and he didn't trust her to be left alone. (but he did trust me to be left alone with her sigh) He had NO IDEA of the feelings I had been harboring for this girl for 3 semesters. I agreed to go and see her that weekend. Saturday I spend 3 hours traveling to and from her house each way, We sat and talked for 4 hours and she explain the entire cheating incident to me as if it was a confessional. Mean while all the while I'm thinking "me, I might as well just be a girlfriend......." Then she went out with some friend for a night on the town and I took the bus home. This girl might very well have been the ultimate geek chick into RPG and videogames but she couldn't keep it out of her pants . with everyone but me. Sigh. In hindsight the fact that we knew each other from the Sci-Fi fantasy club is the only thing that really makes this geeky.
Monkey boy:
I went on a couple of dates with this nerdy girl. They were okay, but then I saw on Facebook she entered into a relationship with another guy. No big deal because we only went out like twice, but this is the bad part: I saw his pic on Facebook and he was wearing this Woot shirt (disapproving narwhal) that I had ordered but got lost in the mail. So he got the girl and the shirt, but it was the shirt that hurt the most.
I was hanging out with a friend of mine. We were board and she decided to turn on Netflix to see what was on. We found the Star Trek animated series. She looked at me and asked if I was ok with it. I love star trek so I was down. We watched the entire season that weekend, we're now engaged. I'd call that a win.
So I'm not sure if this is the best or worst, frankly it could have gone either way. Considering that we're still together I'll call it best.

So I met a wonderful, beautiful woman named April. It was something of a blind date since we had some mutual friends but hadn't met in person yet though we had talked online. We decide to meet up at a nearby bar and we find that we're enjoying eachother's company but that the bar is a little too noisy to have a real conversation. Since there's a beach nearby we figure it would be great to get some privacy and get a chance to talk while having a walk on the beach late at night.

Eventually the topic of nerdy interests come up and I admit that I'm a pretty big nerd. She admits that she's most definitely not nerdy but that she somehow finds my enthusiam slightly adorable without being overbearing.

Feeling brave I decided to push my luck and to try to find SOME kind of nerdy common ground so I start listing the various nerdy things I'm into when I finally run across Harry Potter. When HP comes up her interest suddenly goes from benign disinterest to grabbing my shirt with a mad look in her eyes yelling "I WANT TO BE A WIZARD!"

Considering we were on a deserted beach late at night this should have been more than a little terrifying but I'm glad I didn't run screaming because I've wound up with a beautiful woman who is able to laugh with me about how obsessive we can get over our respective passions.
Girlfriend breaks up just as you're about to finish off season 2 of Doctor Who. I don't want to watch Daleks fighting Cybermen by myself- a lonely nerdgasm is a sad nerdgasm.
My girlfriend (who I'm madly in love with) posted our relationship as her best nerd relationship on Topless Robot's Best/Worst Nerd Relationship contest.  No matter who gets the shirt, I think I win this contest.
Well a couple or so years ago I had a pretty big thing for the sister of one of my mates, I'd been friends with her for a little while and she was nice, really cute and her only problem was that she was not at all nerdy, but I really didn't care. So one day when I was invited to a party at her house that's when I decided, I was gonna go to that party hang out with her and try to act as normal and non-nerdily charming as possible to atleast be in a chance of getting out of her friend zone.

We were about an hour into the party and things were going pretty well, but that's when I saw it, a beautiful metallic object glistening in the light of a nearby TV Screen, her
brother was holding a Luke Skywalker Master Replicas lightsaber with realistic lighting and original sound effects, I had to go and inspect it and while we were chatting about how awesome it was he told me he'd also just gotten the Darth Vader version and that we should totally have a duel with them to test them out. Blinded by nerdy desire I agreed but decided that if we did it outside and tried to be as discreet as possible, I could probably get away with the duel without hurting my chances with his sister. But what was supposed to be a quick 10 minute duel quickly turned into a 45 minute long epic complete with movie quotes, Darth Maul choreography impersonations and ended with a who could do the best Darth Vader "NOOOOO!" contest.

It was when we got back in that we realised we'd been the nerdy entertainment from the bathroom window for the whole time. And needless to say his sister who'd seen the whole spectacle now viewed me about as likely a potential romantic partner as a cancerous cyst on a Sarlaccs tentacle. But it all worked out fine in the end she met someone and fell in love... I got myself four Master Replicas lightsabers and grew increasingly nerdy and bitter, incidentally it's about the same time I started commenting on Topless Robot.


When I still lived in Mississippi there was a small comic shop with a TARDIS for the door to the stockroom that the owner had built himself. There were usually some fairly attractive girls in there but on the one day I went in the shop wearing a Doctor Who shirt there was one girl who just stuck out from everyone else. I didn't say anything to her seeing as I can be rather shy at times and then when I'm standing next to the TARDIS she came up and complimented me on my shirt and said she loves Doctor Who and always wished she could be a companion on the show. So instead of just asking her to go for coffee I yelled "ALLONS-Y" and grabbed her hand and took off with her through the TARDIS. Naturally we laughed when we went through the door and the room on the other side was in fact bigger than the TARDIS. We then made a mad dash for the exit and went into the coffee shop across the street where we sat and talked about comics, games, books, movies, and music until we both had to leave. We exchanged numbers and I later learned the irony of how we met when she told me about her ex who likes to call himself The Master. As great as all that is we sadly only dated for about 6 months.

Paige Wesley:

In college I was what most people would call desperate. Being super nerdy all through high school hadn't done me any favors, and despite joining a sorority and trying to go full-tilt girly girl in college, I was still striking out. So I was stoked when a friendship I'd been fostering with a similarly nerdy frat guy was starting to grow into something a little bit more.

One night, we were sitting around the common room of my chapter house, bored, when my RA opened the door of her room and beckoned us inside. Opening a cabinet, she revealed no less than a metric fuckton of liquor, proclaiming, "I'm bored, let's get drunk." We ended up watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and trying to play a makeshift drinking game to go along with it. 3 hours later, I'm about 6 sheets to the wind and surprised to find that at some point in the evening we had wandered over to a friend's party. I was even more surprised to learn that my guy friend was currently in the process of trying to hook up with my RA in the back bedroom. I was even more surprised to realize that it was Thursday and not Friday as I had initially thought, meaning I had class at 10am the next morning. I rushed back to my house and passed out crying.

The next morning, I woke up late for class. I threw on clean clothes, grabbed my purse and my MacBook, not even bothering to put it in a computer bag, and ran outside. Unfortunately in my drunken haze the night before I had neglected to notice it was raining, our lawn was soaking wet. I slipped and landed flat on my back. When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I saw was my MacBook sticking straight up out of the mud. I dumped the water out of my purse, and as I pulled my computer out of the ground with a soul-crushing "schlorp" I decided it might be best if I stayed single for a while.
When I first met the woman who, luck permitting, will next week be my fiance, I quoted and cited Swamp Thing: "It was a blind leap into the dark with fingers crossed" as part of my pitch to get her to go out with me.

For reasons still unknown to me, she said yes.


Right after I started dating my now wife, Halloween came around. My friends expected the smurf costume be worn and I would not miss the chance to blue myself, so I had to pick her up all made up and frightening as my way of outing myself as a smurf nerd. Apparently, I was her first smurf nerd. I had to ask her, "is this a deal breaker?" as I stood in front of her, almost thirty and covered in blue, and I said it mostly to break the silence. She decided it wasn't and I instantly began wondering what secret she had in store for me.


Early in our dating relationship, my current boyfriend wrote me this: "Seriously, I can't *stop* smiling. I really feel complete, you know? Again, I had no idea that was possible. You've transformed a universe today. It used to be cold and uncaring, but now it's warm and full of love. You've conquered my heart. Or, in geek terms, you totally Unicron-ed my Cybertron". And I fell harder than an AT-AT with a tow cable wrapped around its legs.


BEST: Went on a date with a girl I knew for awhile. Took a year for this to happen, but I was glad it did. I wanted to take her to see Return of the King. She wasn't into the whole geek life (she's a musical theatre nut) so I was kinda scared she'd want to leave mid movie. Well end of the movie hits, I'm crying, she's crying, I lean in & kiss her. Right now she's taking care of our sick 4 year old boy who's gonna be a G1 Transformer/Star Wars/videogame lovin Broadway star.


I was living in Germany in the late 90's. I started dating a local girl. We dated for about 7 or 8 months when she dropped two bombshells. 1) She had been to a David Hasselhoff concert. And cried. 2) She had never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Not one. That was the deal breaker.


I have been a nerd for many things, one of them being REM. I know it's not the usual love that is confessed here, and believe me (and her) - I have my more typical geek passions, but it was that collect-everything-find-bootlegs-buy-shirts-call-yourself-a-distiple type of love that most of us know as a nerdy passion. So when I was driving home with her, my just out of high school girlfriend, I heard REM was going to be in town that summer with Radiohead opening for them. I was so happy I literally got choked up. She watched this unfold and said, "I will never make you that happy."

This was the first girl I had ever taken to bed (and back roads and whatnot) and she knew my geeky passions made me happier than all of that, the stuff my hormones and society said should be priority one as an eighteen year old boy. And I realized then the same thing - I was not normal.

But it was the best concert ever.

The Jinx:

My BEST dating experiences happen almost every week.  Me and my TBG (tubby bearded guy) go to Carney's for a chili burger, chili fries (size small, shared!) and a Pepsi, then we go to Golden Apple to get our weekly pulls and such.  Then home to drool over said treasures. Then we watch something neat like Akira, Babylon 5, Hellsing, or even My Science Project.  Then to bed for kinkysexytimes!  Yay Nerdery!


The husband and I had our first date at a movie called The Bedsitting Room. Never heard of it? Well, neither had I...the husband is a MAJOR film enthusiast.  So anyway, what is the movie about?  Imagine if Monty Python had made a post nuclear war see that in your heads? Yes, its THAT insane and awesome. The nuclear fallout causes a woman to turn into a dresser...amongst other things. Apparently, this was his test to see if my sense of humor was deranged enough for him... Result? Well...he is called the HUSBAND for a reason. Yay for us! So yeah, definitely best nerd date EVER.


Hm...possibly worst dating experience was in High School (surprise surprise!) I was going out with this wonderful person, we were getting along great, until movie night. For whatever reason we decided to watch a Batman movie. I wanted to watch my favorite at the time, "Batman Returns"...she wanted to watch her favorite "Batman and Robin". That was the end of that relationship.


(This was certainly the best for me at the time, but is now the worst/most embarrassing. Live and learn.)

During the early days of the Internet (circa 1996), I was away at college and spent a great deal of time in the school's computer lab. Being incredibly shy and lonely, I went to a sci-fi/fantasy-themed chat room and met a young woman from the U.K. She loved all the same books and movies I did, and over the course of several weeks of exchanges, I found myself growing more and more smitten. Then, one day, I wrote her a rather wistful e-mail about how much I wished I could afford to fly from the U.S. to her home, so that we could go on a date.

"Oh, but we can!" she wrote back. "Tomorrow, in the room."

Now, in the chat room we frequented, I was a "Dark, Gloomy Vampire Prince with a Demonic Sword and a Penchant for Flirting with Every Female He Sees". (Just about every male in a chatroom plays some version of this character, but I tampered mine down for her.) Meeting her in the room (she was playing a fairy/sorceress), she then went on to describe Falkor the Luckdragon coming down to fly us off into the sunset. We had wine and cakes on his back, and later, out of character, she went on to tell me about how shitty her day had been between getting her period and her brother's guinea pig dying. Consoling her, we later ended up having a marathon cybersex session until three in the morning, which was in character and on Falkor's back. (For some reason Falkor didn't seem to mind.)

I still tell this to my wife when she needs a good laugh.


Worst: The guy who mocked me mercilessly for having a fantasy novel on my bedside table and then tried to calculate how much I'd spent on the collection of graphic novels on the bookshelf next to us.  This guy: not a master of timing.  I've never been less turned on to have a naked man in my bed.


My best dating experience was when, after a really nice dinner, my girlfriend and I went to a local laundromat (don't ask why, I don't even remember) that operated all night. We sat there reading the comic books I kept in the trunk of my car until three in the morning. We were woken up by one of the morning-shift workers at seven a.m., because we'd fallen asleep with Deadpool back issues in our hands. It gives me fuzzy feelings to this day.

Lauren Ziegler:

So, back in high school, I went to a party for one of my closest friends. I notice this big, tall guy as soon as I entered the room, standing away from everyone, looking a bit downcast. He's not having a good time, so I go up to him to say hello. We exchange names, and pleasantries, and I hug him before I leave, saying it was nice to meet him. He doesn't say much -- he's not talkative, very shy, but like his demeanor, nerdy in a quiet way.

The following week, he followed me into cafeteria and managed to weasel my AOL screen name out of me. We chat late at night, telling secrets and being far more verbal then we normally are face to face. We talk about what nerd interests we have, I like George R. R. Martin, Dune, Star Trek, he's more of a Gamer, Star Wars, and a huge film nerd. Eventually he works up the nerve to ask me out to a movie....and not just any movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After our date, we're sitting in the car, saying nothing. He's frigidity, clearly trying to work up the nerve to say something.... I grab him by sides of his face, and plant a big kiss on his cheek. His face turns crimson, speechless once again, but he has a huge grin on his face. 

6 years later. We've gone through numerous break ups, both short and sometimes as long as several months not a word between us. It's the communication that's the problem, he doesn't talk, and then I don't talk because I get angry.... I had started to date a nerdy doctor, and then he calls me, shyly asking me out on Valentine's....I said no, I'm dating someone else. Fast forward to 3 months later, he in tears begs me to take him back. I'm shocked, so shocked in fact I can't say no, and tell him he has 3 weeks. I tell him that he needs to talk to me, that for 6 years he hasn't talked and I can't take it any longer. If he loves me, he needs to *tell* me.

A week later he takes me out. At the very end of the date, he gives me a signed copy of George R. R. Martin's 1st published novel "A Dying of the Light" from 1977. Martin! My all time favorite author! I open it up .... 

And written in his scrawling hand: "Lauren, if you ever feel the dying of the light, you only need to look at this book to know you are loved. -- Phil"

We've been engaged for 2 years, and in a few weeks will be our 8th anniversary. Hopefully this time in a year or 2, we'll finally tie the knot. He calls me his Sunshine, not only because of my blond hair but for the way I light up his life. He's my Sunshine too, and we tell each other every single day that we love each other. And when I'm not next to him, a part of me feels missing..... 

P.S. I still don't know how I feel about him desecrating a 1st edition signed sci fi by Martin....but I think it was worth it. :)

Terry Shipley:

I had a girl refuse to date me because I said Deep Space Nine was better than Voyager.

Murphys Law:

Saddest date: I was dating a girl who absolutely loved Star Wars, which I really love the original trilogy too. She even went as slave leia for halloween. One day though, we sat down to watch a movie, and it was the new Star Trek movie preview. I mentioned that I actually like Star Trek, and she broke up with me on the spot. Very sad day. I love both the Trek and the Wars and because of that I lost a really cool nerdy girl.


A few years ago I got a job as the Easter Bunny.  It paid good and I have the right body type to fill out the costume.  After I did that job I got requests to appear at local events in assorted costumes. Over time I got affiliated with a charity that has a Lion for a mascot. I would wear this Lion costume in parades and show up to charity events.  After a few times wearing the suit they told me to just take it home instead of returning it to them.  I kept it in my closet and only brought it out when I was requested to by the charity.  After awhile I forgot about the costume.  I started dating this girl and after a few dates we go back to my place, eventually moving into the bedroom.  She requested the lights off but wants some light so I turned on the light in my closet.  After a bit I went to the bathroom to get some condoms.  When I came back she has the closet door open and was staring at the costume.  I stammer and try to explain but before I can she tells me to shut up and put on the costume.  I ask and again and she responds with an authority and confidence I have never heard from her before to put on the costume.  So I did.  She dry humped me naked while I was in the lion costume.  It was the strangest sexual experience of my life. Unfortunately, I kept dating her.  The next time we agreed to see each other she asked me to come over to her place. When I showed up she was standing in her apartment dressed as a aqua-marine colored fox.That's when it really hit me, I was dating a furry. Her suit was professionally made, it had breasts and a moving tail. Whilst I tried to be comfortable with her peculiarities in the end it was just too weird.


Four years ago, I was working with my aunt at the fairgrounds in my town in one of the food booths. There were a few guys working there with me, all of them really cute, but one of them stood head and shoulders above the rest (literally; he's 6'3"). Tall, skinny, glasses, kind of shy, the most gorgeous smile I'd ever seen. I flirt with him the whole time, and he's obviously into me, too, but he's really introverted and doesn't say much. He's only working for the one day, though, so I decide to take it upon myself and ask him out on a date, since he's obviously too shy to ask me himself. We go on our date...and it's pure, unadulterated magic. We find out we both love the same things: anime, MST3K, Thomas Dolby, The Big Lebowski, retro video games. We quote and act out almost the entire Ghostbusters movie. While seeing a movie at the drive-in he comes back from the bathroom and gives me a bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh card he found because he knew I'd get a kick out of the bad translation. He's totally awesome and out of his shell at this point. He told me later while we were sitting in the car at the drive-in together that he never used to be that shy, but his past girlfriends and girls in general over the years treated him like dirt because of the things he liked, and he was afraid that I would do the same. I hugged him and said I thought the he, and what he liked, was wonderful.

We've been together ever since, been married two years and have two kids now.
I am a member of a Medieval re-enacting group. I take great pride in my Scottish heritage & enjoy putting on a Great Kilt & doing public demonstrations of swordsmanship. Two years ago, I met a girl at a Renaissance Fair. She was a friend of a member of the re-enacting group.  She was wearing a medieval dress, and she was beautiful. It took me a while to muster up the courage to finally start a conversation. After a little while, we found out that we had a lot in common. She came back for the second day of the Fair & we spend most of our time getting to know each other. After having the BEST. DAY. EVER!, we arranged to hang out the next weekend. I was terrified that she would run away when she saw my respectable Transformers & LEGO collections. Instead, she looked at me & asked "Can I play with them?" I fell in love that week & have never been happier.

We are getting married this fall, with a Medieval Themed wedding.


When this contest was posted yesterday I immediately went past it since I'd had absolutely no romantic anything in my life and there was no way I could post an entry.

Well, last night I had my first kiss with the guy who played Dr. Horrible in my student-run production of it backstage during a talent show I was MCing. It may be the only thing that I've done, but it's still the best.

Naturally I assume that it happened because I was destined to win a shirt this time around.

Fitz Bailey:

I dumped a man for never having/refusing to see Star Wars, as a man myself, I believe it's required viewing. He was also a film major specializing in ScFi, I think he should have been thrown out of school.


Last August, I grabbed a piece of parchment, cut it and folded it up to make it look like the Doctor's Psychic Paper. I then wrote a message in invisible ink. Gave the paper to my girlfriend, who was a big fan of DW, and told her that it was psychic paper and my deepest feelings were within. It obviously left her confused, as the paper seemed blank. I then whipped out the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver replica, and used the UV light to make my message appear: "I love you, will you marry me?"...We got married last January.


The Alamo Draft House(the coolest movie chain in existence) was opening up a new cinema in Austin, and to celebrate they brought in Edgar Wright to present Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead. Obviously, the gf and I had to make the four hour drive to experience this.

So being at an awesome theater, watching awesome movies, with the director himself would be a pretty good date in itself. But what makes it the best nerd date is that before presenting Shaun of the Dead, I got picked along with two other people to try to use a record to knock the head off a mannequin they brought to the front of the stage.  The first two people had their turn and failed, and I guess the nerd gods were smiling at me that day, as when it came to my turn, I managed to knock the head off.

The whole audience cheered loudly, we all got free drinks, and I have a picture of Edgar Wright toasting my beheading skills. 


I once had a boss who said of his first date with his ex wife. 

"We saw Eraserhead on our first date."

"That pretty much sums up the entire relationship."


I had been dating this girl for a few months and early on had introduced her to MST3K.
She put up with my riffing during movies and TV shows. After awhile I could tell by her pity laugh, when it was time to stop and let her enjoy the show. 

Then she invited me to church. At the closing prayer the pastor was saying "Jesus, Only you can save us. Only you can lead us from sin. Only you..."
"Can prevent forest fires" I added.

It just slipped out. I did not get the pity laugh.
While drinking through an "around the world" party back in college, My knowledge of Fawlty Towers, specifically my ability to quote lines by Manuel, got me laid by a visiting British chick, that and the fact that I was the only non frat boy, therefore the only one who was not a douchebag.
I really only have a best for me. I was talking to this girl and she knew I was a nerd but I didn't think she was anything of one. She worked with me and found me and a co-worker talking about how we found it odd that there was a Klingon dictionary and how there were colleges that taught it. She over heard and basically went over how stupid that she thought it was. I knew all of this but not a big Klingon guy and was now mildly embarrassed. The next day, she delivered me a letter in Vulcan. It had nothing to do with Star Trek, it was about how dumb she thought Klingons were. We've been together for 5 years.
I was dating my first and, so far, only girlfriend and we went to her apartment for a little "fun".  At this point I had never done anything and was finally trusting her enough to go for that intimacy.  We spent some time chatting about movies and stuff before she finally decided to stop waiting for me to take the lead and started a rather intense make-out session.  I was actually guiding her toward the bedroom when she started kissing my neck and glanced up at the clock.  In a split second she pushed me away, ran to the living room and logged into her WoW account.  I asked her what they hell she was doing and she informed me, without a shred of sarcasm or apology, that she had a raid she was integral to and needed to hook up with the group. So I wouldn't be lonely while she gamed she called a mutual friend to come over and hang out with me.

Essentially, I was cock-blocked by World of Warcraft.



She thinks Jar Jar Binks is the best thing about Star Wars....nobody is perfect..


I honestly said this, to my undying shame: It's too soon to say we're in love, but my neutrinos are drifting in your direction.

In the blissful circumstance you don't get the reference, it's from TNG's "Wesley in Love" episode.  I could claim that love makes you do stupid things, but I voluntarily used *Wesley Crusher* as a metaphor for my love life.  To someone I wanted to love me back.  Phasers on "kill me now."


My high school sweetheart and I used to play Super Nintendo nearly every day. Keep in mind, this was 2002; the SNES was already nostalgic, simple fun from my youth. Well, after she unceremoniously dumped me because, and I quote, 'Being with you isn't fun,' she returned my SNES sans half of my games, including Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Kirby Superstars. Oh, but she did give me the 'present' of Super Tennis. I lost Mario, Link and Kirby and got back freaking tennis. What a whore.


I'm about to leave college and I've never been on a date. I'll put that down for best and worst.

And the winners are...:



My wife and I met almost 25 years ago when we were kids. I was friends with her sister, Mandy, and we met at Mandy's 8th grade graduation party. She was a punk chick, completely intimidating, and absolutely beautiful. Eventually, we went to school together and became friends. Then, she moved away, and I remained friends with her sister. Years later, Stacy (my wife) moved back to Chicago and got a job with FASA, along with her husband at the time. By this time, I had moved away to college down state. However, because I was still friends with her sister, Stacy and I would run into each other randomly over the years and talk about music, games, conventions, etc. She and her husband started their own gaming company (ZN games) and moved to the east coast while I moved to Baton Rouge for grad school. Sadly, her husband died, and she moved back to our old neighborhood to work at her brother's bar. Months later, I lost my job at LSU and moved back to the old neighborhood as well. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the local bar and saw a girl I'd had a crush on for over 15 years working there. We talked about the same old things, and eventually, I borrowed a CD from her (Probot), but I was still too intimidated to ask her out. One night, my best friend said, "If you don't ask her out, I am going to punch you in the face." So, I did. I made lasagna, and she brought over a tasty 12-pack and the Japanese horror film, Stacy (it's a weird-ass zombie flick featuring a chainsaw weapon called "Bruce Campbell's right arm"). We watched the movie, ate, and talked until 6:00 a.m. We've been together ever since.

The point of the story is this: I don't believe in fate, and I don't even believe in God, but I do believe in true nerd love. One day, I hope all of you get as lucky as I did.

P.S. When you mix your comic collections together, you'll know she's/he's the one.

That story is incredibly touching and so sweet. It shows that Huey Lewis is indeed right when he says that the power of love is a curious thing. Wait? Did I just wax poetic about Huey Lewis? This contest is making me all mushy. Maybe the winner for worst nerdy dating experience can snap me out of it:


Worst: Took a girl I barely knew out so that my friend wouldn't feel obligated to ask her (long story, don't ask).  Ten minutes before I'm supposed to pick her up she called me and asked me to promise to take her on the date no matter what she looked like. A little concerned, but knowing I'd feel like a cad if I didn't agree I promised. It was dark when I picked her up so I couldn't get a good look at her, but nothing seemed weird. So I started to think that she was just self-conscious. At least until I saw her face in the light. Turns out she had gone to the Spud Harvest Fair (it's a big deal, trust me) and gotten her face painted. Every time I looked at her that night I saw freaking Pikachu stare back with his cold dead eyes.

Needless to say there was not a second date.
Yep. That did it. Dating Pikachu is horror beyond imagination.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered!

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