12 Games Boycotted for incredibly Stupid Reasons

By David Wolinsky in Daily Lists, Video Games
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 8:05 am
6) Mind Quiz

The DS pops up again here, once again for cultural insensitivity. Similar to Brain Age, Mind Quiz was intended to improve people's brain sizes (make it bigger, smaller, whatever you desire), but mainly it activated the rage centers of a UK woman known only as Nicola because it called her a "spastic" after failing one of the game's tests. Across the pond, "spastic" is considered an offensive way of referring to people who have cerebral palsy. She phoned into a BBC radio program to complain -- she was playing it in the hospital after giving birth to her second son in 2007 -- and Ubisoft reacted swiftly by recalling the game (Mario Party 8 ran into similar problems over the same word years later).

5) The Sims 2

(WARNING: This video is NSFW and incredibly sad.) Similar to the "hot coffee" mod, The Sims 2 was criticized for the same exact reason: Its players modified the game to unlock content that offended people too lazy to even do all that hard work and unable to haphazardly Google "boobs." In this case, it was the boxes that blurred out the Sims' naughty bits whenever they'd be gallivanting about nude when not needing to go to the bathroom or seek fulfillment from their careers. Thompson -- told you he'd pop back up -- wrote a nasty public letter to EA that admonished the company for doing "absolutely nothing to crack down on this apparent infringement." Which is, really, akin to tracking down Scott Adams and shrieking at him because some sad individual was lonely enough to write Dilbert hentai.

4) Baby Pals

Remember how we left Britain to evade religious persecution? We've come so far now: A mother bought her this 2007 DS game for her daughter as a reward for great grades, but alerted the media as soon as she swears she heard one of the game's toddlers coo "Islam is the light." Really, it's just nonsensical baby-talk gibberish, but the mom took the game away from her daughter. It's worth noting that the woman also heard the exact same pro-Islam message from one of her daughter's dolls, the terrifying Cuddle n' Coo. Thank goodness this woman is so attuned to discovering the hidden subliminal threats in toddler toys and entertainment that everyone else in the world has seemingly missed.

3) Mass Effect

The sci-fi trilogy's first entry has an optional romantic subplot where, if you're really horny, you'll be disappointed because all you'll see, maybe, is a blue side-boob and tons of fast-cuts that obscure any nudity whatsoever (the New York Times described the offending content as "no more risqué... than evening network television"). But that didn't stop evangelical blogger Kevin McCullough or Fox News from saying the game contained "rape and sodomy" and "full graphic sex." Where was all this alien-breast outrage when Total Recall came out?

2) We Dare

It's surprising how often Nintendo pops up on this list, but the silliest instance of the company causing a big shock is with this game, which was released only in sexually progressive Europe. But even over there, this couples-oriented mini-game collection sparked a controversy. Some of the diversions involve shoving the Wii-Remote down your pants, nibbling on the Wii-Remote seductively, or just spanking your partner with the Wii-Remote. Anyway, it was rated PEGI 12 overseas, which means it's suitable for kids ages 12 and older. This upset many parents overseas, who want kids to wait until they're at least 13 before getting and getting to third base.

1) Mass Effect 3

Take your pick. Everyone hated a different part of this game, even before it came out. Whether it be 25-minute YouTube rants calling for a boycott of the game because it necessitated buying ME2 DLC for the next game's beginning to even make a single lick of sense, the Femshep contest marketing campaign that yielded a blonde Commander Shepherd upset everyone who lost, the supplemental iOS apps being apparently lackluster, or people holding off on buying the game until they hear whether the free ME3 DLC addressing all the gripes about its ending the main point is this: Gamers, you can be some whiny, whiny babies. Man, if Super Mario Bros. came out today, these people would be furious that Princess Toadstool wasn't in the very first castle.
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