My Internet Killed Fan Fiction Friday, or FFF Killed My Internet, One of the Two

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Friday, August 31, 2012 at 3:35 pm
My apologies, folks, but while I was writing this week's FFF, my internet gave out right when I was trying to save it, which resulted in the internet (or at least the incredibly finicky TR posting interface) deleting it. Entirely. Every single comment I made.

There is no way I'm going to redo all that shit, and no way I can read through the fic I picked out yet another time -- you'll understand when I post it next Friday (internet gods willing, obviously). Anyways, I'm sorry for disappointing you. Believe me, I'm at least as upset as you guys are. I had to deal with another nightmarish erotic fan fic for over two hours, but now I have nothing to show for it. Nothing except the pain.

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