March of the Videogame-Loving Band Nerds

By Rob Bricken in Nerdery, Video Games
Monday, October 8, 2012 at 9:00 am

This march isn't narrated by Morgan Freeman, but I think you'll find it interesting anyways -- it's a halftime performance put on this past weekend by the Ohio State University Marching Band, with a videogame theme. As a band nerd (in addition to being a regular nerd) myself, I couldn't help but critique this amazing performance a little bit -- shouldn't those lines be completely straight? Are they really supposed to hold the Halo logo that long, or do they still have a bit of the routine to learn? -- but honestly, this thing is plenty nerdy enough without me nerding it up any more, so just enjoy. Two things real quick, though: 1) OSU was playing Michigan, hence the stuff with the flags at 7:20, and 2) whatever my nitpicks, the Epona at 6:10 is the most impressive thing I've ever seen a marching band do. Thanks to all of you who sent this in!
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