Ten Terrible Cases of Toy-Aisle Trolling

By Poe Ghostal in Comics, Toys
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 9:01 am

7. Masters of the Universe Classics - Mer-Man

This one is just bizarre. The Masters of the Universe Classics line is, for the most part, an online exclusive -- figures have to be ordered from the Mattycollector.com website. However, Mattel did produce some two-packs featuring DC characters fighting MOTU characters to be sold as Toys "R" Us exclusives. One of these featured Mer-Man fighting Aquaman.

So what happened here? Someone bought one of those two-packs, then took off both the barcode and the "Only at TRU" sticker, and put them on a single Mer-Man from Mattycollector. They then returned it to Toys "R" Us for a $35 refund. Whoever scanned the toy apparently didn't think twice about a single action figure costing $35, but maybe that's just where we are today, I don't know. Ultimately, the troll probably saved about $7-$10 on the deal.

Still, an epically complicated example of douchebaggery.

Karmic Payback: May they become stranded on a desert island with a fully-functioning TV and an Xbox 360 and a power source, but nothing else except Duke Nukem Forever and a DVD of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull.

6. Spider-Man - The Lizard

Hmmm. I'll confess I'm not up on my current comics. Was the Lizard recently revamped into an old guy wearing steampunk gear?

For the record, that's a Wave Rider Nemo figure from Mezco's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea toy line. It's actually a somewhat valuable figure, so it's presence on toy shelves after being swapped for the Lizard is extra baffling.

Karmic Payback: May their favorite character be made into a new TV series, in a completely different genre with an actor of the opposite gender.

5. DC Universe Classics Gotham City 5-Pack

DC Universe Classics collectors are a long-suffering group who have often been tormented by hard-to-find exclusives. One of these was 2009's "Gotham City" 5-pack, which featured repaints of several notable Batman characters and, for some damn reason, a classic Silver Age Lex Luthor (because he's such a notable Gotham City resident, what with not living there at all and being associated primarily with Superman and Metropolis).

Regardless of the incongruousness, fans still wanted that Lex Luthor (and the hard-to-find Bat-villains included as well), and being an exclusive it was virtually impossible to find. This was a popular set with trolls -- perhaps the most popular set. Seriously, I could do a whole list with just this set.

The troll made a passing effort to replace the figures with somewhat similar-looking figures. The Lex Luthor appears to be a custom made from a DC Direct Max Mercury. The Two-Face -- or rather, One-Face -- is Bossman from Happy Worker Toys.

Karmic Payback: May their favorite character be made into a perfect TV adaptation by their favorite creator...on FOX.

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