Ten Terrible Cases of Toy-Aisle Trolling

By Poe Ghostal in Comics, Toys
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 9:01 am

1. DC Universe Classics Gotham City 5-Pack (Again)

The one that started it all, and still the worst example I've ever seen.

So imagine the disappointment one would feel at actually coming across this set, picking it up and then discovering Lex Luthor had been replaced with a Green Lantern figure. And not just any Green Lantern figure. This was a Green Lantern figure with a well-known QC error where his right forearms is reversed.

But this troll wasn't satisfied with ruining someone's else's day while getting a Lex Luthor figure for free. No, this shithead actually taped a piece of paper to GL's chest with a middle finger and the phrase "GOT FIRST". This epic example of douchebaggery is the reason Toy Aisle Trolls exists.

Karmic Payback: May he contract syphilis from his single lifetime act of intercourse with a 63-year-old prostitute who takes pity on him, but still charges him double.

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