The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time

By Poe Ghostal in Daily Lists
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 8:30 am

5.) Manga Violator.

Not to be confused with the far-more-awesome Manga Cyber Violator, this earlier and completely terrible Manga Violator is a mix of demon, bone, 1950s car chassis and what appears to be a miniature catapult that flings snot. Its meager justification for existence was utterly negated by the arrival of its aforementioned successor.

4.) Gore.



Nice parrot.

3.) Top Gun.


Look, it's one of those CGI monsters from the TV-movie of Stephen King's The Langoliers, but with tons of extra robotic shit, giant chicken legs, and an engorged cyber-penis! [Plus his companion figure Bottom Line (sold separately) attached to him by sticking its neck up his behind - LYT]

2.) Manga Clown.


Everything's better when it's manga, right kids?

Manga Clown is a crawling chaos that looks like the result of an unholy three-way between Mojo, Shelob, and that disgusting farting vampire from Blade. Enjoy that mental image, folks.

1.) Iron Express.


That's right. It is a FUCKING ROBOT OSTRICH.

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