The Top Ten Nerdy Questions We Hope Will Be Answered in 2013

By Matthew Nando Kelly in Comics, Daily Lists, Movies, Video Games
Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6:45 am

5) How Does Daryl Escape Woodbury?
5 Daryl.jpg

It was The Walking Dead's mid-season finale (because apparently every show needs those now) and Daryl was captured during a botched raid on Woodbury. In the episode's final shot, we see a handcuffed Daryl and a recently accused Merle meeting again in the zombie fighting arena, code-named Zoctagon, for what logic would dictate is some form of wholesome execution. However, for just a second of the preview for the rest of the season, we see Daryl running around the woods with his signature crossbow and his equally signature lack of sleeves. So what happens to Daryl? The Governor is definitely going to be keeping at least one close eye on him. To steal a phrase from a similar show "How are the Dixon boys gonna get out of this one?" Or at least Daryl. This is The Walking Dead, mind you, and the next episode is called 'The Suicide King'.

4) Who will be Cast in the Nerd Movie Trinity of 2015?

4 JL.jpg

2015 is going to be the biggest summer for nerds since the one when Marvel had that killer swimsuit party. First, the sequel to the third highest grossing movie of all time (I can't believe I'm saying that) Marvel's Avengers 2 is scheduled for a release in Summer 2015. Then, the bombshell was dropped that Disney had purchased Star Wars and planned to release Episode VII ALSO in Summer 2015. Plus Justice League might (but probably won't) be released that summer too. So we know who pretty much all of the Avengers are (Hulk is always in the air), but who are these other movies going to feature? Cavill and Reynolds will likely make up the JL but that leaves a new Batman and completely new actors playing Wonder Woman and Flash. Ryan can't play every superhero.

Then there's Episode VII. Will Hamill and Ford come back? Will their characters even make it into this new movie? Will it be all Lando? Because I'm fine with that too. Roles in the Nerdy Movie Trinity of 2015 will the most valued in all of Hollywood and along with the fabulous paychecks, a lucky handful of actors will get the honor of being constantly followed by a throng of diehard fans and the privilege of pretending they "loved the books as a kid" on talk shows. Who could ask for anything more?

3) What will the Next Generation of Gaming Be?

3 Gaming.jpg

Never before has the gaming industry been at such a crossroads. It's kind of like where the HBO show Game of Thrones left off. On one hand, there is still a big fight going on between the established consoles (X-Stark 360, Lanistation 3, and Barathe-U) over everything. Should borrowing games still exist? Will hardcore gamers ever embrace motion controlled gaming? Are gaming systems big stupid media centers?

And these petty disputes all look pretty stupid because up north, above the wall, STEAMance Rayder has been building an army of free games and with the backing of the powerful Valve Walkers has just announced his plans to bring Piston into King's Living Room where the other three are fighting. Then, across the seas, you have Daenerys TargaRovio and her Angry Dragons who also built themselves from pretty much nothing and dominated the (at this point isolated) kingdom of iQarth and stand poised to take over King's Living Room as well. So will the Third Gen consoles win over? Will Valve get a seat at the table? Will mobile gaming dominate sales? You know what they say: In the Throne of Games, you Win or you Lose a Life.

2) Will Peter Park-topus Stay Dead?

2 Spidey.jpg

This was a big story in 2012, or as big as a story about comic books gets. It was on the news. In Amazing Spider-Man #700, Dr. Octopus switched minds with Spider-Man and then the Dr. Octopus body died, taking Peter Parker with it. While Marvel seems pretty intent on keeping Peter Parker dead, many comic fans don't buy it - and why should they? Captain America came back. Captain Marvel came back. Jean Grey won't stop coming back. I think she's back now. Who knows? Flip a coin. Heads, she's alive. Tails, she's dead. I think that's also how Marvel writes her.

Either way, having Miles Morales and Otto Octavius galavanting around as Spider-Men just seems wrong without Peter being somehow in the mix. And I realize that Octavius has Peter's memories and experiences, but it's not the same. He's also still a super-villain too. So that should create some problems. Maybe I'm wrong about this one but don't be surprised if somewhere down the line in Superior Spider-Man we find a previously undiscovered clone or, god forbid, we get another visit from Mephisto.

1) Who is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing?

1 Star Trek.jpg

Come on, J.J. Do we have to keep going through this? At this point, we know that Benedict Cumberbatch's character in Star Trek Into Darkness is going to be named "John Harrison" aaaaaand that's it. He seems to have some kind of superpower and he has apparently been described as a mix between "Hannibal Lecter and the Joker" which doesn't help narrow it down either. It has gotten so bad that recently even Bennedict Cumerbatch himself said that the secrecy surrounding his character bothers him. I mean even the IMDb page for Into Darkness lists him as playing "Khan (rumored)."

J. J., I know this is your thing, but take a lesson from the book of Lost and realize that if you keep a secret too long, the fans will come up with theories that are better than what you came up with and your movie will be a big letdown. Just sayin'.

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