TR Interview: Paul Giamatti Talks John Dies at the End, Bubba Nosferatu, and...Big Fat Liar?

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 1:00 pm

LYT: Are you still involved with the Goon animated project?

PG: Yeah! Absolutely! Every now and then it surfaces; they're doing stuff with it and getting money together for it. I recorded something else a little while ago, so absolutely, I'm eager to see where it's going.

LYT: I know they raised their goal on the Kickstarter project, so I was wondering if they were going into production.

PG: I don't think they have, not yet.

LYT: I live close to Universal Studios, and I have to say I've seen that climactic clip from Big Fat Liar with you so many times. Did you ever imagine that that would live on so long?

PG: Is that playing over and over again at Universal Studios?

LYT: Yeah, when they take you on the tour to the part where they do the water pouring down, that's the clip they show.

PG: Really? Wow. That's an immortal scene! (laughs) That's hilarious. I didn't realized that. That's very funny.

LYT: Speaking as someone who sees all these things in the theaters at press screenings, we always love when good actors come on board in kids' movies.

PG: I really loved it. I thought it was a really fun movie to do, actually. I loved doing that.

LYT: Was the blue paint really as bad as it seemed in the movie?

PG: It was tricky, yeah. It was hard. They had to literally scrub it off of me every night. Of all the kind of weird make-up effects I've done, it was the only one that was kind of uncomfortable.

LYT: And after this, you're doing Shakespeare, right? You're doing Romeo and Juliet?

PG: I did a Romeo and Juliet film that we did in Italy this past year that comes out this year at some point.

LYT: Was that a long-time goal, to do Shakespeare?

PG: I've done Shakespeare on stage; I've never done any on film. That was an unexpected thing to have come up. I was psyched to do film-Shakespeare, yeah; it doesn't happen a whole lot.

LYT: What else are you looking at producing after John Dies?

PG: We have a deal with FX, the cable channel, and we're going to be doing television stuff, I know that much; various kinds of things, hopefully there on television. Mini-series types of things, series, genre stuff, historical stuff, things like that. And that seems like more of what we're going to be doing next, the TV thing.

LYT: Is there anything you can say about your role in Saving Mr. Banks?

PG: Sure! It's a nice movie. It's mostly about the woman who wrote Mary Poppins. It's about the process of making Mary Poppins, and the tension between P.L. Travers, who wrote it, and Walt Disney. Emma Thompson plays P.L. Travers and Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney, and she was a very difficult, prickly person. I play the only person she could deal with in America, who was her chauffeur. When she was in Los Angeles, she was assigned a chauffeur, who is the only American she liked and could deal with. And so that's my part.

John Dies at the End is currently available on-demand, and opens theatrically January 25th. Tomorrow on TR: Don Coscarelli's side of the story!

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