Dead Space 3 Contest Winner and Runners-Up

By Luke Y. Thompson in Artwork
Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 3:08 pm

I could honestly fill a Daily List with the best of the bunch here, but I won't. People are too anxious for the answer. I was worried at first when you some of you complained initially that it was a hard contest, but ultimately there were many worthy contenders.

The rules were twofold: Create an image of a character who's a mash-up of a video game character and an icon from a different area of pop culture. Then say what their catchphrase would be. Also, the image had to be posted in the comment thread itself.

Not everybody followed this to the letter. Our winner did. But first, some of the others, in mostly reverse-chronological order of posting:

Not posted in comments, but a nice drawing anyway: tupper.adam's Halo Kitty.

Halo Kitty.jpg

Not really a mash-up of two characters, but funny as fuck anyway: LostCrichton's " I Don't Know You! That's My Purse!"


GrandMoffAckbar's "THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE PRINCE OF PERSIA" ("Purify yourself in the Sands of Time") is enough to make a dove cry.


madmartigan.diakini still hasn't learned that you never give a child blackroot! Or this is what you get...


TrapJaw's "Bruce Wayne's World" was a favorite of my fiancee's. It's well done but I didn't find it as funny.


Cosmicshaft didn't give me a catchphrase on this one, but ironically, "cosmic shaft" would probably work.


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