The Top Ten Most Promiscuous Characters In Comics

By Melissa Molina in Comics, Daily Lists
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 6:00 am

Some comic book characters, like people, have it made. They're out there saving the world, or destroying it, and looking great while doing it. So when all the fighting is over for the day, maybe they'll decide to wine and dine a person/being who perks their interests, even if they stand on separate ground morally. Or...maybe they'll just skip all of that and go straight for the goods, but not every hook-up ends well, and this is where I come in. I'm here to point out the worst relationship moments for some of the most lustful beings spanning all the way from Earth to the far corners of the comic galaxy.

10. Brood Queen (X-Men)


This may be one of the strangest entries to be placed on this list, but we have a reason: technically the Brood Queen is a big, fat floozy. Seriously, she'll try to impregnate anything that gets in her path. Her biggest mistake was that one weird time where she implanted herself into most of the X-Men, except for Wolverine. Eventually they're saved from the Brood infection but at one point they had a lot of the Brood Queen swimming in them. That's just gross.

9. The Girls of Old Town (Sin City)


These women will open their legs to anybody who can pay the right amount. You can't particularly blame them: all they're trying to do is make a decent buck in a corrupt city. Still, they've managed to use their well-cut bodies to their advantage, and they've taken control of their part of the city in order to prevent it being overrun by pimps or the mob. They have a cute deal with the cops, which may be their most conniving form of prostitution: in order for them to keep control of their land, they let the cops get a small cut of the profits and have some fun with the Old Town Girls when they're off duty. Hey, a girl's got to survive in some way. What they did isn't particularly bad - but it's not really good either.

8. Ike (Morning Glories)


Ike is a little whore. He's barely fifteen years old, and he's probably gotten more booty than the rest of his school, classmates and teachers combined. Then again if you're a bratty son of a wealthy family, you feel naturally entitled to get whatever it is you want. While his conscience has been peeking out more in recent issues of Morning Glories, his biggest mistake happened when he let Miss Daramount, one of the teachers at his school, make some moves on the boy. Okay, so she did it so he would do her bidding, but he's such a little sleaze that it's no surprise he would cave in. Also, if you haven't read Morning Glories yet, then make a note to do so. It's a fantastic new comic series that you should be collecting.

7. Emma Frost (X-Men)


Emma Frost is one of the sexiest looking blondes to ever hit the pages of a Marvel comic. She's a seductive woman who uses her good looks in order to get ahead in the world. Since she's danced around the side of good for some time now, she probably wouldn't like to converse so much about her days back with The Hellfire Club; at one point she charmed the pants off of Sebastian Shaw in order to get ahead, which is definitely a super slutty moment in her sexual encounters. And surely Cyclops wasn't too happy when he found out that Emma Frost used to be fuck buddies with Tony Stark/Iron Man before the two hooked up. Perhaps one day Emma Frost and Cyclops' relationship will end, so she can go on a sexual rampage through the mutant universe.

6. Bruce Wayne/Batman


If you're a hot billionaire in a metropolitan area, then you can easily get as many fine women in your bed as you'd want. Bruce Wayne/Batman had his share of affairs with villains, superheroes and everyday working girls. He may have even had a couple of spins in the sack with Zatanna for all we know (and could we really blame him for that?). But no matter how kind of a soul Bruce Wayne is, everybody messes up from time to time. Batman and Talia al Ghul have always been hot for each other, no question, but he should have kept it in his pants. In recent comics it's been revealed that due to their romps together in the bedroom, Talia ended up giving birth to their son Damien. If that's the case, then what if he suddenly knocks up Selina Kyle on top of it? He's messed around with her on a number of occasions, especially recently, so it's not out of the question. Hey Bruce, you're a father now. Shouldn't you be a little bit more tame about getting in other women's pants?

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