Last Walking Dead Open Thread Till October: 4-1-13

By Luke Y. Thompson in TV, zombies
Monday, April 1, 2013 at 8:00 am

THAT was the finale?

There's "drawing things out to create tension" and then there's "stupidly pausing for your close-up multiple times when you should be hauling ass."

The Walking DEAD Easter Eggs by *Rene-L on deviantART

Starting next week, this can either be a Doctor Who open thread, Game of Thrones open thread, or a twofer combo. Tell me what you think about that and the season finale below - since a lot of people, myself included, wait for GoT on disc or Netflix, I can understand objections to that, but I figure by the time I finally get to it, I will not remember spoilers about a bunch of names I'm not familiar enough with anyway.

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