8 Reasons to Love Lost Girl

By Natalie Nichols in Daily Lists, TV
Monday, April 8, 2013 at 6:00 am

6. Therapeutic Drinking


"How are we having this conversation without booze?" asks Trick (Richard Howland), owner of local Fae bar the Dal Riata, when Dyson reveals his painful secret in this season's "There's Bo Place Like Home." (Did I forget to mention the cheesy, pun-laden episode titles?) A few eps later, Kenzi suggests that an unfortunate Fae "go have a beer or five" with her while she breaks some bad news.

At the end of any given grueling day, Bo and her friends turn to their version of Cheers to dull the effects with drink. Any drunken shenanigans are played mostly for comic effect, as alcohol consumption on Lost Girl is treated with the same amount of nonchalance as Bo's sexual appetites. I don't know if it's a Canadian thing or what, but recreational drinking is rarely celebrated so lustily on American TV. Bottoms up!

7. Cool Supporting Characters


By necessity, Bo gets most of the attention, but the people around her are a big reason Lost Girl is so much fun to watch.

Trick may seem like your average amiable, if slightly grumpy, pub proprietor, but in reality he's the Blood King, a powerful old Fae who brokered the ancient, if uneasy, peace between Dark and Light. He's a respected elder whose bar is also a Waypoint, neutral ground where both sides can peacefully come together (or stay on opposite ends of the room), and a station for traveling Fae to check in with local authorities. But the big thing about Trick is that he's Bo's grandfather -- a revelation that explains his paternal protectiveness of her. He's always willing to help her, but that doesn't mean he's an open book.

Hale (K.C. Collins), Dyson's former cop partner, comes from a noble family that is seriously stuck-up. They don't much approve of his choices, which so far have taken him to some unexpected places. No wonder he likes Kenzi so much.

Vex (Paul Amos) is a scrappy Mesmer, who can force people to do anything he wants. At first he's Dark to the bone, but a few clashes with Bo, and the ensuing fallout with his people, turn his head around somewhat. Maybe. For a while, Vex and Kenzi become Goth BFFs. The scene where they talk about the secrets of eyeliner is classic.

Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten, pictured at left) is Dyson's new partner -- a Dark Fae who injects a welcome new flavor of blonde into the show. Though initially suspicious of Bo, the Valkyrie develops a grudging respect for the Succubus that may be rooted in her own rebellious personality. That's good, because given recent developments, she may hold the key to Bo's future survival.

8. Fun Fashion


Part of the fun of Lost Girl is the fashion, especially early on when Kenzi rocks more wigs than we've seen since Alias. When she's not in disguise, Kenzi favors a Goth-flavored look replete with studded belts, ruffled miniskirts, fishnet everything, loads of eye makeup, zippered skinny pants and chunky high-heeled footwear that could double as weapons in a pinch (except it would take her forever to get those lace-up beauties off).

Though less extreme, Bo also favors smoky eyes, corset tops, tight pants and boots, while Dyson seems to own a closet full of eye-catching leather vests (many of which are custom-made by costume designer Anne Dixon). Likewise, Hale and Trick go for collared shirts, ties and vests, giving them a timelessness that reflects their long lives.

By contrast, Lauren favors a softer look that underscores her compassion and vulnerability. Since so many characters seem to dress the part straight-up, I've lately been intrigued by the wardrobe of Tamsin, whom you'd expect to be drawn to lots of leather, probably with spikes on it. Instead, she telegraphs her insurgent attitude by wearing thoroughly modern brights, such as a spring green tank top or a sky blue leather jacket.

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