The Top 12 Image Comics Characters We'd Like To See In The Marvel Universe

By Melissa Molina in Comics, Daily Lists
Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 6:00 am


Every once in a while, some of the most popular comic book publications will spice things up by crossing one of their characters over into another comic universe. For instance, it was recently announced that Angela from Image Comics would be making her way into the Marvel universe. Neil Gaiman won the battle against Todd McFarlane when it came to this character, which was his in the first place since he in some ways did actually create her. It turned into a really bad lawsuit as both writers claimed that they were sole owners to the half-naked angel, since she was first printed in an issue of Spawn. We hate it when that happens.

Now, while some fans were scratching their heads, wondering where a random religious character like Angela would fit in Marvel, it got others thinking about who could be next. What characters could we see teaming up with, or fighting against, our favorite Marvel heroes? For some it may be a stray thought, but we're going to turn that into a huge list. So in honor of the big move, we're listing off a few amazing Image Comics characters that could toddle over to Marvel at some point.

12. Morning Glories


We're very aware that Morning Glories may be one of the most random comics to pull out of Image and into Marvel, but let us explain. The first is that we're dealing with a nonlinear storyline that incorporates young and older versions of a main character or two. Who's to say that the group of rebellious youngsters couldn't eventually make their way out of Morning Glory Academy, stumbling onto the porch of an Ultimates universe? If the first major story arc had wrapped up by now, it would be easier to make a specific selection on where in the Marvel universe they would fit. Then again, Morning Glories is so good that I don't want it to ever end.

11. Firebreather


Once upon a time, the character Firebreather was supposed to be part of the Young Avengers for Marvel comics, but that dream never came true. Instead Firebreather made his way over to Image Comics, turned into a miniseries and never looked back. The incredible half-dragon, half-human hero never got his chance to shine on the pages of a Marvel comic, but he should do that now. Perhaps there could be a story arc where Firebreather bulldozes his way into the Young Avengers after all, or even pop up in the X-Men somewhere. Utopia is always open for more visitors.

10. Zack Thompson (Tech Jacket)


Zack Thompson can easily fit into the space portion of the Marvel Universe and fight off strange alien beings that threaten to destroy other civilizations. For those of you who may not know, Thompson is your average guy who happened to get his hands on some high-tech alien technology that saved his life. Now the Tech Jacket is a permanent part of him. One Tech Jacket story arc later and Zack Thompson is a full-fledged intergalactic superhero. Zack is already well-qualified to become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine him fighting alongside Drax the Destroyer and company.

9. Bomb Queen


Whoever tries to step into Bomb Queen's city and take it from her, is going to get slaughtered. Bomb Queen is the self-appointed leader of New Port City, whether the residents like it or not. If Bomb Queen were to cross over into Marvel, Deadpool would be the ideal candidate to storm into New Port City and cause hell. Could you imagine the kind of wonderful dialogue the two characters would have with each other, not to mention the kind of damage they'd inflict on New Port City when they fought? We can - it's a killer crossover comic that currently exists only in our minds.

8. Cassie Hack & Vlad (Hack/Slash)


There has to be some way we could just get the lead characters from Hack/Slash to team up with Blade in a neat little story arc. Yes, there are still Blade comics out there, even if not too many fans are too fond of the last movie. So to have Blade team up with the slashing duo would be a sweet dream come true. You can easily picture the trio tearing their way through the dark alleyways filled with all sorts of strange supernatural creatures, and at times twisted humans, that threaten our existence. If you think it's unlikely to happen, let us remind you that there are always some motherf***ers trying to ice-skate uphill.

7. Super Dinosaur


If you haven't read a single issue of Super Dinosaur, you should bury your head in the sand. Okay, now stop and read on. Super Dinosaur is one of the most adorable comics to be created by Robert Kirkman that has nothing to do with The Walking Dead. The title is just as it implies; a world of powerful dinosaurs running around in killer armor protecting humans from the evils that reside in Inner Earth. If Super Dinosaur were to make his way into Marvel, there could be an arc where he enlists the help of the Uncanny Avengers. They have to aid his group of great dinosaurs, and they're the only heroes strong enough to team up with them. You know you would buy every single issue that would come out for that story arc in a pre-historic heartbeat.

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