15 Awesomely Silly Star Trek Comic Book Covers

By Chris Cummins in Comics, Daily Lists, Movies, TV
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

7) And It's Gonna Last All Night Long!


In case you were wondering why this list was called "15 Awesomely Silly Star Trek Comic Book Covers," here you go. A perfect combination of goofy and cool, this one answers the question of whether or not bachelor parties still occur in the more-enlightened future. Speaking of questions, given what we know about Kirk, it is an absolute mystery as to why he isn't front and center at this thing.

6) Peg Bundy or Lwaxana Troi: You Decide


The surprise was that no one gave a shit about this issue.

5) Scooby Trek


Zoinks! The cover makes it seem like this issue would be better suited for Scooby-Doo than Star Trek. Which now has me pondering what kind of bender Scotty could go on if he chased his Romulan Ale with a Scooby Snack.

4) Cosmic Colic: The Plague of the 23rd Century


As Kirk and Spock quickly found out, there's nothing like getting sneezed on by a giant disembodied baby head to liven up an otherwise dull work week



Okay, truth be told it's not actually the Hulk. (There were however some X-Men/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover comics). Since I never actually read this issue, I'm assuming that this is an allegorical story about how disco dancing will inevitably turn the youth of America into monsters. Though I could be way off base here.

2) Scotty Gets Some


It's the story nobody demanded! How many of you wanted to get the, um, skinny on Scotty's love life? Yeah, me neither, but here it is. My eyeballs canna take much more o' this!

1) Gnome If You Want To

No list of Star Trek comics would be complete without mentioning that one time Kirk and Spock (who, if this cover is anything to go by, were involved in a disfiguring transporter accident) met up with a cute little gnome for an adventure. Yeah, to paraphrase the great Lana Kane I'm gonna have to say a big gnooooooooopppppe to this one.
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