10 Casting Suggestions for the Archie Film

By Chris Cummins in Comics, Daily Lists, Miscellaneous
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 6:00 am

5) Reggie Mantle - Skylar Astin

The Reggie character is a problematic one because he is so one-note - he's a scheming jerk: no more, no less. Paul Kupperberg's Life with Archie work has gone a long way towards making the character more three-dimensional, and the Archie screenplay should take a cue from this by having Reggie maintain his trademark assholishness - but still include hints at a rich inner life that exists just behind his rough exterior. When casting the movie, it's not a stretch to assume that director Jason Moore will want to look at people he was previously worked with. Pitch Perfect's Skylar Astin could utilize his stage background to finding out what makes Reggie tick. He certainly looks the part and can display the blustery swagger that makes Reg such a divisive figure amongst Archie fans.

4) Betty Cooper - Emma Stone


Since she's likely to be thrown off a bridge in the next Spider-Film film (um, spoiler alert?), Emma Stone's schedule should be free for her to take on the role of another iconic comic book babe: Betty Cooper. Obviously Stone has the beauty to play Riverdale's favorite blonde, but she also can believably emote the vulnerability and hyperactivity necessary to make Betty believable. Better still, the filmmakers could decide to take a cue from the popular "Betty is crazy" meme and have Cooper be completely unhinged in her pursuit of Archie, in which case Stone would really get to demonstrate her increasingly impressive range.

3) Veronica Lodge- Mila Kunis


Betty or Veronica? It's a question that has plagued not only Archie but comic readers the world over for more than 70 years. Unless the film goes the goofy and yet somewhat plausible route of casting the same actress as both Betty and Veronica - and then placing her in the appropriate wig for each character - the ladies who play Archie's main love interests should possess nearly equal amounts of attractiveness and acting ability. (It is not my intention to sound sexist here, but if one actress is stronger than the other in either of these categories than moviegoers won't be invested in the love triangle that will be at the heart of the film). This said, in the cinematic Archieverse, Mila Kunis could easily be the yang to Emma Stone's yin. Feel free to argue this point in the comments until the Internet explodes.

2) Jughead - Ezra Miller


Outside of the printed page, no one has yet been able to properly replicate Jughead's gluttonous cool. The cartoon Jughead was an annoying whiner, and the less said about the hip-hop spewing Forsythe P. Jones from the To Riverdale and Back Again TV movie the better. To bottom line it: Jughead is an asexual character who hates girls and loves hamburgers. Even typing those words feels ridiculous, so I can appreciate the challenge facing the movie's producers. My solution? Cast someone who is quirky and left-of-center but in a way that won't scare the mainstream audiences the film is courting. In short, get Ezra Miller. In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Miller portrayed Patrick, a gay teen who existed amongst the fringes of high school life and found acceptance amongst the people who meant the most to him. The movie Jughead will need to be more than merely a burger-eating cipher. Miller can mold him into lovable dude that fans of Samm Schwartz and Frank Doyle's work on the character yearn to see replicated in live-action.

1) Archie - Michael Cera


If there's one lesson to be learned from the final season of Arrested Development, it's that Michael Cera can still pass for 16. His eternal youthfulness and comedic skills seem to make him the ideal choice to bring "America's Typical Teenager" to life. Unless he is burned out from comic flicks after Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, in which case I suppose someone should get, I dunno, Rupert Grint on the phone.

The rumors that the film would be somewhat based on the upcoming Afterlife with Archie comic have been dismissed for now, but let's hope that this is a bit of misdirection on the studio's part. In the (hopeful) case of a zombie apocalypse in Riverdale , Tom Savini needs to be hired to encase all of the aforementioned actors in the appropriate amounts of zombie makeup and gore. Does Riverdale really need to pander to the zombie craze? Of course not. But have you seen how cool this looks?

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