E3: Guess What? I Have More Pics

By Luke Y. Thompson in Tech, Toys, Video Games
Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 10:00 am


Yesterday's highlight was a surprise free concert by Snoop Dogg to promote the cartoon snail movie Turbo. I think the female DJ from Power 106 who kept trying to urge the crowd to "make some noise!" was more used to hardcore hip-hop fans than exhausted, half-drunk gaming journalists sweating in the direct sunlight, but once Snoop hit the stage, he brought the energy level up, big-time, which you wouldn't necessarily have expected from a guy famous for smoking weed and a laid-back delivery. He was brief, but brought his A-game for sure. And there were free tacos.


Snoop was introduced by his costars in the movie, Michael Pena and Michelle Rodriguez.



I got to play the new Pac-Man game, which is hardly a ground-breaker but gave me warm fuzzies anyway, despite being more Spyro-style than classic Pac. The yellow guy's big fight move is a shoulder tackle rather than a big bite; if you collide with a ghost while doing it, they die, but if you collide with them any other time - or they vomit slime on you - you take damage. In a nice throwback, the sound effect when you die is the same as in the original game, and the entire screen becomes a decreasing circle like P.M. himself used to.

If you do a sequel, Namco, can you please call it 2Pac?

Or maybe...2Pac, 2 Furious.


Here's a full-sized space capsule for some reason.


And a lone costume from Pacific Rim. No signs of a tie-in game, though, which is too bad - seems a natural.


Jet Li has a game, though.


And every year I've been to E3 (this is my third) there is ALWAYS a tank. Always.


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