The Six Coolest Things In Starlog #001: The Voyage in Retro-Nerdery Begins

By Sherilyn Connelly in Books, Daily Lists, Miscellaneous, Nerdery
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 6:00 am

4. William Shatner, Dignified As Ever.

I'm instituting a new rule. The next time you do a William Shatner impression - and, really, you shouldn't be doing William Shatner impressions anymore at all, 'cuz they've been played out since 1976 - you have to do it while jumping like this.


5.Back Before He Was a Pasty British Guy.

From the Episode Guide. That Khan sounds like an interesting character, huh?


6. Sexy (or "Uncharacteristic Tranquilly Sensous") Filler.

Being the first issue, Starlog didn't have any advertisers or classifieds just yet, so they filled the back pages with Star Trek-related puzzles and word games. Supply your caption in the comments! (And keep it clean, please.)

COMING UP IN STARLOG #002: A Star Trek movie is officially announced, as is a movie about a young adventurer named Luke Starkiller, written and directed by the guy who did American Graffiti. Also, Gene Roddenberry rules your face, and can superhero movies be serious? Tune in next time to find out!

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