Who'll Be Our Zombie Gnome Winner?

By Luke Y. Thompson in Merchandise, zombies
Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 4:00 pm

It isn't this one, though chapmati's entry clearly merits an honorable mention. I really enjoyed the creativity in these overall.


Click on for the rest of the runners up and the winner...

GreggoryBasore can coast on a wave of mutilation.


I loved slightlysilly's punny take. It's probably the first runner-up, not that that means much when there's no second prize, but still.

Sovereign is responsible this. (lip trembles, face shakes) SOOOOOOVEREEEEIGGGGN!!!!!

10glfan59 just likes to torment...

...but he also knows my soft spot for Ernest. Not soft enough to win, quite.

mberinger knows that gnomes make great pets, they'll make great pets, they'll make greeeaat pe-eeeets!

The winner is transamken, who finally created a commenter account just to enter this contest, and I'd say it paid off, big-time. This entry is, to me, clearly the one that had the most work put into it and it's very visually appealing. Send me your address so you can claim your gnome.


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